Blogging, Slogging and Keeping On


If you're a hardcore blogger like me (admittedly so), then you would have no doubt heard about the recent New York Times article on blogger burnout, as well as the blog post by Young House Love that spurred the whole matter. I read the "feeeeeelings" post on YHL, because I've been following them since their beginnings, but it was through one of my blog ... Continue Reading

10 Inspiring Small Office Setups for Small Homes

Inspiring Work Spaces

Via @chrisozer by Rhiza Oyos of Chances are, like me, you're in your early years of married life, with young kids, and still renting out an apartment. Or maybe you do have your own house but have to share your space with a crib, or a box of toys. I have the WAHMs in mind when I was looking around for inspiration for this post, but this is ... Continue Reading

Of Expertise and Keeping it Real… with Unilab


This post is in partnership with Unilab, one of my most loyal workshop supporters. When I first began giving workshops in 2012, it was with one goal in mind: to help people learn something new. With the work-at-home moms, it was how to make a living while making their homes. With the blogging workshops, it was to inspire people to create online platforms ... Continue Reading

I’m having a mini me!


I announced it on Instagram last week already, in case you hadn't heard: Early next year, I'll be giving birth to a daughter. I'm going to have a baby girl. Yaaaaaay! I can't tell you how thrilled I am about it. We found out during our scheduled 20-week congenital anomaly scan. Apparently for mothers past 35, this is standard procedure. (I didn't have one ... Continue Reading

Embracing “Nos” and Waiting for “Yeses”

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In a couple of weeks, I'll be moving out of Slate Studio, my workshop space. It's more a business decision than anything else. I'm not sad about it, I can say. There are things you learn in business that are valuable, and making hard decisions based on your gut and practicality are one of those things. So this moving out is one of those gut-feeling, practical ... Continue Reading