The receiving end

My messy desk. Piles of blogger stuff, products, files everywhere!

I'll be straight with you: I receive lots of products as a blogger. I'd say 90 percent of what I receive are things that people want me to try out: "Oh, we have a nice so-and-so that we feel would be perfect for this-and-that. Care for us to send it to you, pretty please?" The remaining percentage are from brands and businesses that I've partnered with in ... Continue Reading

5 Ways to Curb Decor and Bric- a- Brac Buying

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Have you seen homes that look too cluttered?  Not necessarily messy with junk or toys but too cluttered in terms of decor.  Houses that somewhat look like these.. I've walked into homes filled with too many tiny decor.  Crystal, plastic flowers, figurines and bowls of every shape and color.  While there is nothing wrong with decor in itself, learning ... Continue Reading

A celebration of firsts by Pampers, for new moms!


I love being a Pampers digital ambassador! Krista is blessed with drier days and happy sleep nights because of the nappies — like this Big Delivery that arrived in our house the other week. Imagine my delight when I saw this cabinet delivered to our doorstep containing a couple month's supply of nappies for my growing girl? (Thank you so much, Pampers!) I ... Continue Reading

Blissful Business: Elin Women’s Apparel


  One of my favorite brands these days (well, for the past over-a-year, to be exact) is Elin. They've been my go-to apparel line ever since I got pregnant again, but I loved their pieces even before I found out I was pregnant. (Check out my #blissfulInElin tags on Instagram for a rundown of my Elin picks.) Since this year, Elin chose me to be their ... Continue Reading

Are You Fashioning the Life You Want to Live?

life is what you make of it

by Mariel of The Learning Basket I was the most miserable person in all my years of working in my previous career. But money, job security and fear of the unknown made me stay for more than a decade. What a waste of time, right? It was also because I felt guilty for wanting to do away with the opportunities that my “exclusive” education has given me. I ... Continue Reading