Ever since I began freelance writing aside my regular job in an effort to augment our family income, I’ve become attuned again with the writer in me. Since I work full-time as a tutor at a progressive learning center, and I haven’t had much time to write in the past seven years. However web writing has lent itself well to me albeit some minor setbacks when it comes to deadlines and finding unique topics to write about. Still, I am grateful that the sideline has been doing me some good and adding week by week to our forced savings.

But enough about money.

I think the best thing about being able to write to earn is that I enjoy doing it. It comes naturally. Sure, I experience the blanking out, and the proverbial “writer’s block.” I guess it’s because I want to write meaningfully. Because even if I write for income, that doesn’t give me license to turn in poor, rushed, mediocre work. That would be cheating myself over whoever has gotten me under his employ.

I do hope that by writing, whether its for income or for pleasure, I’ll still do my very best. I owe it to myself to maintain a level of excellence.