I’ve been freelance writing for about three months now. Well, I was doing it on and off for about a year, but only began accepting regular jobs this past summer. To date, I have two regular sources of income on the side, added to my regular job at a tutorial center.
Having a job on the side has definitely benefited me in more ways than financially. It hasn’t been without its faults, of course. There’s never a perfect job, I say, although some people have been awfully nice to me and have been very understanding of my situation as a working mom. I’ve been given flexible submission schedules and topics to write about that are not super out of my world or psyche. In fact, there have been a lot of assignments that were effortless to write. A handful were chores, admittedly. Still, writing for a living albeit part-time seems less like work for me and more of something useful to do.
I recently got published for writing about home-based writing jobs like my own via a publishing service that I use. Hopefully with more regularity, I can start writing less for others and more for myself, about what I truly love and am passionate about. For now, let me share a few writing hobs where you might find writing jobs of interest, particularly if you are looking to be a working mom.

Work At Home Moms. This is a hub particularly for moms, and features a huge directory listing of work-at-home options. From typing jobs, to data entry, virtual assistant jobs to graphic design, consultancy, and more, the WAHM database is specifically targeted at mommies, making these jobs particularly suited to those who have families and want to have a source of income on the side.

Online Writing Jobs. This is a common listing of job ad databases such as Craigslist, oDesk and others. It’s one of the largest job advertisement sites targeted towards freelance writers, and jobs are categorized according to the type of writing job required, such as content, copy, magazine and many others.

Suite 101. One of the largest article hubs for freelance writers, Suite101 is the Internet’s largest community of writers. Suite101 allows writers to write what they want, enabling them to earn from royalties of the original articles they have written. The great thing about Suite is that you don’t have to think or research so much; you can write about what interests you, and hopefully get published and recognized.

Well, I can’t write for long about this because, as you know, I have to get back to work. To writing. I’m all for working from home these days, thanks to the bub, so you can understand why I may be pressed for time writing this post.

I’ve got to go now. Baby needs feeding!