We’re always on the lookout for extra cash, we work-at-home Pinoy moms. From online opportunities to the oddest tasks, we will do almost anything to help out with the family budget. I always believed I wanted to be a “lady who lunched,” but after trying out the work-at-home mom status, I am liking the fact that I still have to cook lunch, balance work, and care for my hubby’s and baby’s needs. Apparently, I thrive on productivity, which is why I have stuff to write about on my blog.

One of the great things about blogging for work-at-home moms is that we can write about what we’re passionate about. One of the even better things about this is that we can actually get paid for blogging. Isn’t that swell? And one of the best ways to earn from blogging is through services like Business2Blogger.

With B2B, you blog about products and services in your personal blog and get paid. It’s so simple, so easy! And while it won’t pay off your car payment, it still can generate real money for you.

As long as you can write about the opportunities that B2B sends you via email each week, you’ll have the opportunity to earn from each review, even each actual sale of a product that you’ve reviewed! This is because B2B also caters to business owners who enlist the blogging services as a means for advertising their products. So when you blog, think of yourself as some kind of consumer reviewer. Through B2B’s network of bloggers, businesses that are targeted to your blog’s specific market can reach you and tap you to blog about a related product that may of interest to your target audience.

I’ve yet to write a review, and I am anticipating a lot of learning along the way. I’ve just ventured into monetizing my blog posts, especially since I’ve been working on material related to affiliate marketing and other forms of blog marketing. Wish me luck as I venture deeper into this opportunity! Hopefully it’ll do me good monetarily, but I’ll be thankful even just for the learning experience.