The Proverbial Resolutions List…

Well, it’s that time of the year again; time to make those New Year resolutions! I can’t even remember what mine were for 2010; I don’t think I got around to making them since I was recovering from childbirth and in the first month of motherhood. So this year, I will waste no time in making a fresh list.

So far, here’s what I have:

1. Purge my closets anew. I do this every six months, religiously. I hate clutter like the plague.

2. Resume Pilates and running. I have been lax here! Prior to pregnancy, I walked every day and did Pilates each evening. After I got pregnant, I kept on walking up til late 2009, when I gave birth. From then on, working out went out the door! I stayed slim all throughout breastfeeding, but in the middle of this past year, I noticed that my normally fast metabolism seemed to decelerate. In short, I am getting FAT, and at a more rapid pace than ever. It’s very disconcerting, especially for someone who has been used to wearing a size 6 all her life! (Since giving birth, I shuttle between an 8 and 10!). Getting fit is top priority in 2011, baby!

3. Give up alcohol permanently. I didn’t start drinking until I got married. Even then, I did so sporadically. I am allergic to alcohol, you see, but I’ve taken a few drinks here and there. Recently though, I decided that the torment is just not worth it! So aside from the ceremonial champagne on New Year’s Day, it’s goodbye beer, wine and all other forms of liquid courage. I know my liver will thank me!

4. Be kind to my hair. I have abused my hair horribly the past year! Since getting a Brazilian blow out, I have rediscovered the wonders of being kind to your coif. And so, I will make it a habit to get my hair treatments every six weeks at least.

5. Increase my financial capacity. I work freelance, but I have steady sources of income with the jobs I keep. This means that I always have money coming in in regular increments, just like I used to with a regular salary, although I’m no longer bound by a 9 to 5 work day schedule (and still make more than my old job–Yipee!). Aside from the regular income (which pays for my toka: the groceries), I take on writing jobs on the side to pay for my “wants” like clothes, shoes, etc. In 2011, I plan to increase my sideline capacity to accommodate more jobs so that I get a little bit more!

6. Buy good makeup. I never really wore makeup. This year, being a full-time mom has taught me one thing: I need to start looking fabulous! And so, I have resolved to be more proactive about my makeup regimen, and skin care, too!

7. Travel. The last time my husband and I traveled (i.e. got on a plane) was a year after our wedding. During that trip, I found out I was five or six weeks pregnant, and since then, we have not traveled. Being an exclusively-breastfeeding mom for the past 13 going 14 months has also limited me in terms of out-of-the-country sojourns, but this year, I think I can afford to up and leave when my baby hits 18 months (the start of the weaning phase). So you can bet on it that I will be renewing my passport and heading out of the RP!

That’s it so far, but it’s long by my standards. There are other things that I could add, but these seem to be the most pressing. I will stick to these seven for now; anyway, there are still four more days to the old year. With these, I think I already have my hands full!


  1. Teacher Mama Tina says

    Nice post Marts! :) Inspires me to do the same i.e. make a list of resolutions! hehe :) By the way, pls. email me naman when you can where you get your freelance jobs from. hehe. :) Thanks thanks. :) God bless always! Have a passion-filled prosperous New Year!

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