I manage. And by that I mean two things, specifically:

1. I manage my life. When people hear that I am a work-at-home mom, they are probably thinking one of two things: 1) That I spend the whole day lounging around in sweats, overtaken by domesticity and parenthood, without any regard for my appearance; or 2) that I am an aspiring domestic goddess such as the likes of Nigella or Giada, and that my home is spic ‘n’ span as a magazine feature for Real Living. Well, I would say I teeter between these two. I spend a lot of time at home, fixing up, organizing, cooking, and generally making sure my household is a livable, breathable place. I also spend a good part of the week doing errands or in leisure, because my flexible work schedule permits me to do so. As for to-dos, I let my planner dictate my life; I jot down everything and let my planner be the barker for me.

2. I manage to get by each day… by the grace of God, no less! Whoever said that staying at home was all play and no work? I have to give credit to all moms all over the world who have decided to stay home, raise their kids, keep house and plunge full-on into the world of perpetual multitasking. I am able to do several things each day, every day, in a way that I was never able to before when I was working away from home. Working at home has proven to be quite challenging at times, but, for me, it works better than a regular desk job with a 9 to 5 schedule. I see it as providential that I can work according to my own schedule, that I can take on jobs on the side for extra income, that I can set the pace for my life. It is not easy–juggling never is unless you spend a lot of time practicing! Seven months into the work-at-home lifestyle, I think I am already seeing the light.

Tomorrow, my planner page is filled with assignments for three different clients. I am cooking both lunch and dinner, and have decided to pimp up tonight’s leftovers for lunch… and I decided on chicken fajitas for tomorrow’s dinner. I’ll be staying at home the whole day, because on Thursday, hubby and I are going shopping for my birthday gift to him (His birthday is on Friday.). I anticipate there will be surprises here and there throughout the day; with an infant son, there always are. But I manage, and I am usually able to get through a day unscathed. While there are still grocery trips wherein I forget to list down an item to buy; even though there are still pieces of furniture that our apartment desperately needs; even if I need to juggle parenthood, work and homemaking, I have not yet had a nervous breakdown. I enjoy my life, therefore managing it is really quite a pleasure.

(Check planner… Blog entry: Done.)


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    Hats off to you, Ms. Martine. And cheers to all work-at-homies. It’s a common misconception that we spend our days lying around, sleeping, watching TV, and being just plain lazy. I used to get hurt. But now that I’ve come to terms with the truth, people’s comments don’t matter that much anymore…

    You are one of my inspirations in being a work-a-homie, you know. May you continue to be a blessing for everyone… ;)
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