Re-post: On dreaming dreams and happy endings…

(I originally posted this on my Facebook notes for my friends.)

This isn’t a wedding post.

But I was looking through a wedding album–not mine, by the way–when this train of thought began.

In the past couple of years, I’ve been to a number of weddings. But my favorite weddings were those which I knew were the fruit of relationships that had withstood tests of time, criticism, and persecution. Don’t get me wrong: These weddings weren’t between crackpots, burnouts and basket-cases. They were between the dearest of friends, friends whose wedded unions were a a celebration of God’s faithfulness and all-encompassing love. Albeit the trials that rocked them and the tests that refined them, these marriages are all testaments of how God can bring two people together despite the odds. I truly am privileged to have witnessed each pair of friends profess their love for one another on their wedding days, the happiest day of their lives, the day when they saw their dreams fulfilled.

Weddings are happy endings, just like they are in fairy tales that end happily ever after. For me, they give evidence of a God who urges us to pursue our dreams. I suppose that’s why weddings of close friends and family make me the happiest, because I know how much went into those few hours of the sacrament, the ceremony and the celebration. Each dream had its costs; in the end, those who held on so tightly to their dreams did live happily ever after. Even I and my husband can attest to that!

After witnessing another wedding of friends recently, I was reminded of one comforting truth: God gives us our dreams. He places them in our hearts and lets them thrive until they come true. Someone wise recently observed that no man or entity has the right to tell another human being that whatever dreams in his or her heart are not real. There is truth in this: Our hearts are our own; no one, whether man or otherwise, is in the position to tell us they know what dreams God put in our hearts. We know our own hearts; we know our own dreams.

I believe that if one has a dream, and puts his or her mind to it to pursue that dream despite all odds, then he or she would have paid the Maker one of the best compliments ever. Why? Because we were all created with the ability to choose what is good, what is pure, what is right, what is honorable, and what is worthy of praise. That’s from the Bible, too, in Paul’s letter to the Philippians. That Bible book is all about God imploring His Church to remain joyful despite all odds. In pursuing a dream, we need the reminder to remain joyful because one day, God will be “faithful to complete” our dream.

The late Pope John Paul II said that “Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought.” We know what’s right: live for others, sacrifice ourselves, edify humanity. Yet we also have the right to dream our dreams, to fight for them and to see them come true. We all have been given the right to choose our battles, and God gives us the strength to withstand them. We have the right to choose what is right and good, and God gives us the fortitude to choose well. My marriage and those of my good friends are proof that those with dreams have the God-given ability to choose what is good, what is pure, what is right, what is honorable and worthy of praise. This should give us all comfort.

Whatever your dreams are, whether it’s to pursue your MBA or to find greener pastures abroad; whether its to travel to the 1,000 places to see before your die or to live a domesticated life in a quaint country home; whether it’s to dedicate yourself to the religious life or to marry the girl/guy of your dreams; know that God has placed your dreams in your heart. They are yours to seize and they are His to make come true. God’s like that handsome prince in those fairy tales: though the princess is poisoned by an apple or sentenced to sleep for a hundred years, the handsome prince always comes to kiss away the past and awaken the princess to live with in a dream, happily ever after.

God is the maker of dreams. He always finds a way to make sure you live to see your dreams come true.

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