Tackle It Tuesday Meme
It’s my first time to post on “Tackle it Tuesday,” thanks to the Ultimate Blog Party 2011! I just think it’s an awesome idea, especially since we can learn so much from fellow moms about how to manage our homes better.
What did I tackle today? My work space! You see, I don’t have my own desk. The dining room table doubles as my desk, being that I only really use my laptop to do everything. When I began working from  home as I writer, it was just my laptop that occupied the table. But throughout the months, magazines, reference books, clear folders, organizers, blog giveaways and random boxes and paper bags of stuff began to colonize my once pristine dining table.
In short, we were losing a dining table and gaining a hodgepodge office desk of sorts.
The task really was simple:
  1. Make the dining table just that exclusively;
  2. Defer the items to another part of the house where I could easily access them.
Photo credit: thedailygreen.com
Here’s what I did to make it happen:
1. Purge. I am sort of a compulsive “pile-er” (i.e. I pile stuff up, whatever it is). So there was a stack of parenting and lifestyle magazines here, a pile of concertina files and pocket folders there, another pile of boxes which held stationery), and a pile of papers I use as reference for work. I had like four mini towers of stuff, which short of made the dining table look like a diaorama. So I went through the stuff and threw away things that had passed their time (flyers, brochures, old mailers, etc).
2. Transplant. After purging my supply of outdated stuff, I took each pile to their new home: A storage space in my husband’s office. (It’s too small for the both of us, his office, which is why the dining room is my spot!) Since my things were already in organized piles, I simply had to transplant the piles into the shelf space that my husband cleared out for me to use.
3. Redefine. Well, after all this, I could see my dining table again, just as it should be: A six-seated instead of a two-seater table! Yes, I’m still working on it at this very moment, but everything is serene, spartan and sensibly Zen. There’s nothing here but my laptop, my day planner and a cup of tea (which will later be replaced by some strong coffee as I work into the night.
Now for the hard part: Keeping my dining table clear of indiscriminate “stuff” from this point on! The long term solution is to get a desk for myself but, well, I’m still saving up for the desk I really want. Until then, I’m making do with this little situation.