Today’s about saving the world…

Back in school, environmentalism wasn’t just a niche thing: It was THE thing. It was the norm to be Earth-friendly, and damn you if you had capitalist tendencies. (OK, I’m exaggerating.) But it was a big deal, and I suppose that’s why I’ve sort of been into the whole “eco-conscious” type of thing. Somehow, sometime–perhaps that time in form 1 during Ms. Kirwan’s art class when I made an art sculpture completely out of empty used water bottles and it was displayed most prominently in the annual art exhibit–I began to think seriously about being more kind to the planet. 
try my hardest to be more Earth conscious. I know I could do so much more for the environment, and it sometimes “guilts” me that I still use plastic bags on my trash bins. I’m not your poster girl eco mommy at all, even if I do use cloth diapers on my kid. But at least using a reusable, washable nappy is a start, right?  

I’ve said before that I’m no treehugger. But I do believe in taking care of the world, lessening my carbon footprint, and being socially responsible when it comes to my daily choices. Sure, I buy organic food, I breastfeed, and I believe in energy conservation. These are all “baby steps” to making the world a better place, steps which I’m still taking.

I believe that personal eco-consciousness is really the sum of the choices we make every day: what we eat, what we wear, what we carry our belongings in, and what we use on our bodies, even the kind of transportation we take. How we live says a lot about how we care for our bodies, and how we regard the world around us. I don’t want to say that someone who’s Earth-conscious or “green” is better off than a person who couldn’t give a hoot about chucking a cigarette butt or empty cup onto the sidewalk (unless the “green” guy or girl is a complete jerk). But I do believe that people who make small choices to save the world are heroes in their own right. They’re willing to take part in a change; call it the green revolution, if you like.

Today is Good Friday. For Christians like me, it’s the day Christendom remembers that Christ saved the world from eternal damnation, bringing salvation to all. It was a life-changing event, one that’s established as world history. Today is also Earth Day, the day the world commemorates the beginning of the modern environmental movement.

Two events coinciding, both about “saving the world.” The parallel is obvious: As much as our world needs saving, so do our souls. We need our world, we need our God. That’s the solid truth.

I’m pretty sure that God, who created this planet, is wishing that we would take better care of ourselves spiritually and physically as residents of this Earth. So today, I’m making it a point to pray and reflect on why I’m here on this Earth; why it matters so much to me that I’m alive, and why God has allowed me to be alive at this point in time. I’m going to be thankful that He’s forgiven me of my sins–and I have heaps, I know. At the same time, I’m going to think about how to be more proactive about my choices so that I can contribute to healing on our planet. Every little act counts.

We only have one life to live, one planet to call home. Let’s make the most of what God’s given us.

Have a blessed Good Friday-Earth Day!


  1. Martine says

    Thanks, Michelle! Yup, Earth Day was on April 22nd. Hope you had a lovely and peaceful day–I did, albeit the heat! :)

  2. Mom-Friday says

    What a beautiful post!!! I thought Earth Day is tomorrow! :(
    "Two events coinciding, both about "saving the world." The parallel is obvious: As much as our world needs saving, so do our souls. We need our world, we need our God. That's the solid truth." – I love this!

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