How to Not Be a Frumpy Breastfeeding Mom

When I got pregnant, I vowed I’d do my best to look good. I suppose that’s why I wanted to immortalize my first pregnancy with these pics:



While I did opt for the “lounge-y leggings look” (i.e. maternity tops and spandex jeggings, etc), I also chose to wear pregnancy-friendly clothes that could easily be bought off the rack. So when I started to breastfeed my baby, I made another vow: I wouldn’t be a frumpy nursing mom! I wanted breastfeeding to empower me as a woman; it did, after all, make me feel uber-feminine and womanly to be able to nurse my child.


Candid shot, self-taken (Vito at 6 months, just after I'd breastfed him). I'm wearing a tank top under a silver lame tank, thus creating a breastfeeding-friendly top.


This is why I appreciate pregnancy- and breastfeeding-friendly clothes for prego or nursing moms. I’m not talking just about maternity and nursing brands; I’m talking about on-hand clothes that don’t make me look like I opted to wear a potato sack.


Vito at 6 months. I'm wearing a breastfeeding-friendly stretch cotton jersey maxi dress, Alati jewelry, silk wrap.


Nursing covers are a great help when you need to nurse discreetly. Thank goodness they’ve come such a long way! We’re no longer limited to the apron-type or scarf-like designs; there are lots of other fashionable options to choose from, and styles that can actually blend with your wardrobe.

Two of my favorite finds (which I’ve not tried, but I have absolutely drooled over) are the Glamouflage Nursing Cover and the Baby Bond Couture. When I saw these two nursing covers, I was like “Where the hell were these when I had my baby shower?!”


These are nursing chic, no doubt:


Eden's Glamouflage: a multi-wear piece that's a shawl, shrug, poncho nursing cover all in one.


I love the Eden Glamouflage nursing cover (available at In fact, I’m going to their showroom just so I can get one! I love that it doesn’t look like a nursing cover at all! What’s more, it lets you nurse discreetly in luxe style: it’s made of silk and it can be worn several ways: as a poncho (for nursing), or as a wrap, shrug, or scarf. Definitely something every chic nursing mom should have!


Another non-frumpy nursing aid is the BabyBond Couture (available at Sunshine Babies Boutique). It’s made to custom fit you in the different stages of post-partum, which is why it’s both a nursing top and belly band.


The Baby Body Couture is a hybrid nursing cover and belly band. So chic!


I love how the Baby Bond fits snugly on the wearer’s body! It doesn’t look like a apron nursing cover, which means it can blend well with your outfit of choice. I like how you can wear it like a sash so it works as a nursing top:


The Baby Bond Couture as a nursing cover. It melds easily with your wardrobe because it's clingy!


These days, I only shop for breastfeeding-friendly clothes. I don’t just limit myself to nursing wear brands, though. There are so many versatile pieces out there, ready to wear, that are totally breastfeeding-friendly. You just have to know where to look and what to buy. Not only do I buy the clothes I need for nursing, but I can be sure I’m getting apparel I can still use after I’ve stopped breastfeeding.


Take a look at some of my standard picks:


Breastfeeding-friendly fashion: Earth Child cotton jumper; Culte Femme maxi dress; K & Co stretch wrap dress (Click on the pic to enlarge)


I pattern my current style to jive with my breastfeeding capabilities. When I go shopping for clothes these days, I always consider whether they’ll let me breastfeed discreetly and effortlessly, whether I use a nursing cover or not. And so I opt for clothes than can let me wear a nursing bra underneath, such as:


  • Button-down shirts, blouses and tops
  • Tunics (not manang tunics, though)
  • Stretchy cotton jersey tops and dresses (either V-neck or overlapping does well for fitted pieces; flowy and body-hugging pieces are easy to just “hike up” when I need to nurse),
  • Wrap dresses
  • Strapless jumpers and maxi dresses  (easily worn with a breastfeeding bandeau)
I also consider the shape of my body, what’ll look good on my frame, what colors suit my skin tone, and what styles will flatter my figure. I also have more than one style of nursing bra, so that I can wear certain styles, like a strapless or asymmetrical top.


Nursing needn’t be frumpy–that’s what I say! Breastfeeding in public is all about attitude, after all, and exuding confidence does have a lot to do with how you project yourself as a nursing mom. You can breastfeed discreetly yet in style! Just know how to look for clothes that provide easy access, both for you and your bub. Happy shopping!


  1. says

    Wished there were this many options when I had my first… just re-used what I had for my second, and luckily the fad then was “preggy” look blouses so that’s the best non-frumpy look I’ve gone during my preggy days. Post-partum-breastfeeding days were harder since I never bought b-feeding-friendly clothes, hahaha….

    • Martine says

      The options these days are just thrilling, aren’t they? And so stylish! As for me, I’ve never really bought nursing clothes, but I make sure that the clothes I wear still allow me to breastfeed with no hassle. Vito’s 20 months old, and it looks like there’s no stopping any time soon, hehe. Might as well enjoy some more breastfeeding-friendly fashion, right? 😉

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