When I got pregnant, I vowed I’d do my best to look good. I suppose that’s why I wanted to immortalize my first pregnancy with these pics:



While I did opt for the “lounge-y leggings look” (i.e. maternity tops and spandex jeggings, etc), I also chose to wear pregnancy-friendly clothes that could easily be bought off the rack. So when I started to breastfeed my baby, I made another vow: I wouldn’t be a frumpy nursing mom! I wanted breastfeeding to empower me as a woman; it did, after all, make me feel uber-feminine and womanly to be able to nurse my child.


Candid shot, self-taken (Vito at 6 months, just after I'd breastfed him). I'm wearing a tank top under a silver lame tank, thus creating a breastfeeding-friendly top.


This is why I appreciate pregnancy- and breastfeeding-friendly clothes for prego or nursing moms. I’m not talking just about maternity and nursing brands; I’m talking about on-hand clothes that don’t make me look like I opted to wear a potato sack.


Vito at 6 months. I'm wearing a breastfeeding-friendly stretch cotton jersey maxi dress, Alati jewelry, silk wrap.


Nursing covers are a great help when you need to nurse discreetly. Thank goodness they’ve come such a long way! We’re no longer limited to the apron-type or scarf-like designs; there are lots of other fashionable options to choose from, and styles that can actually blend with your wardrobe.

Two of my favorite finds (which I’ve not tried, but I have absolutely drooled over) are the Glamouflage Nursing Cover and the Baby Bond Couture. When I saw these two nursing covers, I was like “Where the hell were these when I had my baby shower?!”


These are nursing chic, no doubt:


Eden's Glamouflage: a multi-wear piece that's a shawl, shrug, poncho nursing cover all in one.


I love the Eden Glamouflage nursing cover (available at shopeden.multiply.com). In fact, I’m going to their showroom just so I can get one! I love that it doesn’t look like a nursing cover at all! What’s more, it lets you nurse discreetly in luxe style: it’s made of silk and it can be worn several ways: as a poncho (for nursing), or as a wrap, shrug, or scarf. Definitely something every chic nursing mom should have!


Another non-frumpy nursing aid is the BabyBond Couture (available at Sunshine Babies Boutique). It’s made to custom fit you in the different stages of post-partum, which is why it’s both a nursing top and belly band.


The Baby Body Couture is a hybrid nursing cover and belly band. So chic!


I love how the Baby Bond fits snugly on the wearer’s body! It doesn’t look like a apron nursing cover, which means it can blend well with your outfit of choice. I like how you can wear it like a sash so it works as a nursing top:


The Baby Bond Couture as a nursing cover. It melds easily with your wardrobe because it's clingy!


These days, I only shop for breastfeeding-friendly clothes. I don’t just limit myself to nursing wear brands, though. There are so many versatile pieces out there, ready to wear, that are totally breastfeeding-friendly. You just have to know where to look and what to buy. Not only do I buy the clothes I need for nursing, but I can be sure I’m getting apparel I can still use after I’ve stopped breastfeeding.


Take a look at some of my standard picks:


Breastfeeding-friendly fashion: Earth Child cotton jumper; Culte Femme maxi dress; K & Co stretch wrap dress (Click on the pic to enlarge)


I pattern my current style to jive with my breastfeeding capabilities. When I go shopping for clothes these days, I always consider whether they’ll let me breastfeed discreetly and effortlessly, whether I use a nursing cover or not. And so I opt for clothes than can let me wear a nursing bra underneath, such as:


  • Button-down shirts, blouses and tops
  • Tunics (not manang tunics, though)
  • Stretchy cotton jersey tops and dresses (either V-neck or overlapping does well for fitted pieces; flowy and body-hugging pieces are easy to just “hike up” when I need to nurse),
  • Wrap dresses
  • Strapless jumpers and maxi dresses  (easily worn with a breastfeeding bandeau)
I also consider the shape of my body, what’ll look good on my frame, what colors suit my skin tone, and what styles will flatter my figure. I also have more than one style of nursing bra, so that I can wear certain styles, like a strapless or asymmetrical top.


Nursing needn’t be frumpy–that’s what I say! Breastfeeding in public is all about attitude, after all, and exuding confidence does have a lot to do with how you project yourself as a nursing mom. You can breastfeed discreetly yet in style! Just know how to look for clothes that provide easy access, both for you and your bub. Happy shopping!