My Fab Manila Favorites {Review}

I’m a fan of organization. I like it when things are in their proper place, because I have the potential to be the most frustrating of scatterbrains. Just ask my husband how many countless times I’ve misplaced my mobile phone or glasses! A person like me needs things to be in order, otherwise chaos would have a whole new meaning!


Which is why I love organization aids; things that help organize my belongings make me a more organized person. Take my daily shoulder bag, for example. On any given day, you’ll find I have these six items in my bag:


The hierarchy of bags inside my shoulder bag: (L-R from top) Kikay kit; wallet; receipt organizer, pencil & keys case; card case; coin purse.


I hate having things jiggling around in my bag, and so these smaller purses and holders make everything easier to find: I just grab the particular one I need.


One of my favorites is the receipt organizer, which is from Fab Manila, makers of funky, fashionable bags and storage accessories.


Fab Manila Receipt Organizer


It's got an expandable-type interior with pockets. Here, I put my store receipts, credit card charge receipts, gift certificates, restaurant reward cards, my Starbucks Coffee Passport, etc.


It's got a pen holder, so I don't have to rummage around for a pen when I need one. I also keep a small notepad in one of the compartments, just in case I need something to scribble on.


Thanks to this receipt organizer, I don’t have to worry about random bits of paper getting crumpled inside my bag. Since I can categorize my receipts, charge slips, GCs, vouchers and other little bits of paper, I can rest assured I always have what I need when I need it.


Another great Fab Manila organization aid I love is the magazine file. It’s not just functional–it looks great, too!

Fab Manila's blue-yellow paisley design magazine file stores my magazines neatly on any shelf or table top.


I love how these magazine files just add a pop of color and fun to my work space. Plus, it’s fashionable print helps add a decorative element to the house, unlike boring, plastic magazine files that look like office supplies!


I have a partition tray of the same print, which I use in one of my cabinet drawers. (See the image below; I didn’t take a photo of the one I currently have.)


Blue Paisely partition tray; Photo from Fab Manila


Fab Manila was super nice to sponsor the following prizes for my Dainty Mom fans promo on Facebook, just today:



Fab Manila has so many more bags and accessories for you to choose from, which they carefully design and sell on their online shop, Here are some of my favorites (which I have yet to get for myself, harhar!)


Drawer Organizers (to match the magazine files!)


Newly-designed magazine files


Luggage Tags: They add a pop of color to your bags!


Recipe Holders. These can also be used as part of your work space storage system if you don't want to use them for recipe cards. Very versatile!


For more great, colorful and fashionable storage and organization aids (as well as the cutest bags, totes and clutches you’ll find anywhere!), please visit! You can also check them out on Facebook for the latest updates.


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