Who am I to talk about marriage, right? I’ve only been a wife for a little over three years,  a mom for just a year and a half. What do I have to offer about marriage? How much can you really pick up 40 months into the wedded life? Is there anything substantial I can offer in terms of advice and know-how? Perhaps older readers are thinking, “Hmmm… She doesn’t know what’s coming in five years!”


OK, I don’t claim to be an expert or anything on the vocation, but I do know this: Our marriage works. It’s not perfect; God knows there are a zillion ideal situations swirling in my deluded little head. But it works.



You see, I’ve learned to let go of lots of illusions about marriage and just let things be. Why? Because there’s no stressing over what we don’t have or can’t be. We don’t have our dream home yet, but we have a nice, cozy, three-bedroom apartment in a nice nook of the metropolis. We don’t have a brand new car, but the one we have works swimmingly even though it’s ten years old. We don’t have fat bank accounts, but we’re saving up both funds and hopes, knowing that one day our efforts at stewardship will one day reap rewards.


And anyway, the most important motivation we have is this little guy:



If we’re going to be good parents to Vito, we have to first be great for each other as husband and wife. And you know what? I think we’re doing a pretty good job, if I must say so myself.


My take on how I make my marriage work has been simple from the start: Do whatever it takes to make your love last forever.


One of our godparents in our wedding said, “You’ll learn together.” Another said the sex would get better, haha! *wink wink* Still another mentor said, “You’d be surprised at how much you’ll change.” To these people, I say a resounding “Amen” to all your words of wisdom. No wonder we picked you as godparents!


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I’m sure many of you know more than I do. What are YOUR tips for making your marriage work? I’d love to learn how you rock it. Do leave comments, please!