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When you’re a new mom–especially here in the Philippines–you’re bound to come across a gamut of advice on how to raise a child. When I learned I was going to be a mom, I was excited, thrilled, and at the same time, scared and clueless. What did it mean to be a parent? What was I supposed to do, to believe? Unintentional pressure came from all sides: from other parents, relatives, in-laws, and other well-meaning people. It seemed I had to be everything to everybody and to keep it all together 24/7.


With all that pressure coming from all sides, becoming a first-time parent can be a bit intimidating. As a new mom, I find myself constantly second guessing my parenting style and life choices, especially as my soon-to-be-two-year-old son speeds through babyhood, and now, through toddlerhood. Through the past year and 10 months, I’ve been enlightened and confused, inspired yet conflicted.


But I know better now. I’ve learned to take things in stride. I’ve learned not to be pressured into parenting along someone else’s guidelines. I take what I agree with and discard what I wouldn’t use. Offhand, I can summarize my 21 months as a new parent into four pieces of advice, which I think all new parents will eventually relate with.

1. You won’t be a perfect parent. Take my word for it. As a self-professed perfectionist and “delusionist,” I have learned to tread the road of relaxed parenthood. I’ve had to relax my standards as a mom, to be content with running a household that isn’t a Jenni Epperson-Martha Stewart-Nigella Lawson hybrid of glam and domestic bliss. I’ve learned to keep it real, for the sake of my family’s (and my own) sanity. (Don’t worry. I still make sure Vito’s baby bag is packed with nappies, wipes, water bottle, and a change of clothes… only now, I carry 3 times less than what I would usually pack. OC much?)
2. Enjoy your child at each stage. I remember when Vito was about two months old: I wished he were bigger so that I could get out of the house more, do more stuff with him, and return to my so-called state of normalcy. A few months ago, I wished he were potty-trained. I take that all back now, because I miss my baby’s, well, baby days. Children grow up so fast. There’s no use wishing they were bigger, quicker to pick up concepts or learning to be independent early on. Kids are independent souls, and they will grow into each stage of their lives at the perfect time. So savor each phase that your child is going through, because it’ll be over before you want it to.
3. Trust your mom instincts. I stopped subscribing to those weekly emails on my baby’s development. It was just too stressful to think about what my baby hadn’t achieved, or how he’d surpassed a certain milestone before an ideal age. At the end of the day, I parent according to my gut.  Yes, I still read up on expert advice, but I don’t let theories and research “guilt” me for not putting into practice those things which go against the grain of our family’s values.  I’m confident that God deemed us good enough to be parents, so I apply parenting tips that are a good fit for our family.
4. Keep your marriage in shape. This is something I learned early on from my parents, even before I had a boyfriend, got married and had a kid of my own. Don’t let motherhood overtake your priority towards your spouse. After all, a happy marriage is essential in order to have a happy family. If your spouse feels pushed aside in favor of your new little bundle of joy, you are neglecting his needs as a husband and father. Keep the fire between you and your spouse alive. Yes: that means lots of sex, dates, cuddle times, pillow talk, night milk tea nightcaps, or whatever version of “us” time is in your book.
These aren’t groundbreaking tips. That’s because whatever you will read about parenting these days is basically the same old advice passed down through the years. The only difference is that the same old advice is injected with the latest research and facts, which are all geared towards helping modern moms like you rock at parenting. One awesome resource for great parenting advice is, the newest online portal for modern Filipino moms. Think of it as your digital playground, a place where you can love learning about this awesome world of motherhood.

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  1. says

    Kristine Anne Espera username: Kristeedson

    The best parenting advice I can give is pray for your child/ren. Always go to church and pray together as a family. Someday, you will have to let go of them, they will be exposed in the world. You will no longer have control over them, they will have their own lives, they will choose their own paths, but if you have raised a god-fearing child, you will have nothing to fear. We can never be perfect as parents no matter how hard we try to be and we can’t be with them forever. But as long as they have God in their lives, they will never get lost in the world. No one loves them more than we, parents, do, except for God.

  2. Rina Urbana says

    The best parenting advice I can give for new Mom’s, is to be a good parent to your children especially from the very start you need to learn everything step by step what is all about parenthood. & Reading magazine & searching on the net it helps also a lot to be more familiar on how to become a good parents.

  3. says

    Mai Danganan
    maileen1(at)yahoo(dot)com username: maileen1
    The best piece of advice I have for a new mom is to NEVER pressure herself on becoming the perfect mom because in the eyes of our child, we are already the BEST, the one and only individual who can love him/her unconditionally from the moment of conception until eternity. The more conscious we are to achieving perfection, the more we are likely less to recognize the needs of our child and tend to falter. Second, to never let a day pass without saying “I Love You” to your baby. Surely, our motherly actions and care are enough to express how much we love our kids but nothing beats the feeling of being assured through a powerful set of words as “I Love You”. Third, to take care of ourselves (our health) for the sake of our babies. How can we nourish and take care of them if we ourselves are sickly?

  4. Mylene M. Calleja says

    Mylene M. Calleja username: Johndenise22
    The best parenting advice I can give is “Learn to appreciate everything your child does, no matter how big or small it is” It is best to encourage the child than to down him, according to my college Psychology teacher, if your child wants to draw something on your wall, do something to encourage him, try to put or cover walls of her/his play area with manila paper, maybe someday he will be an artist . It is a simple way of discovering your child’s hidden talent, ability and he will surely learn from it, maybe it is also his way of showing what he likes to say and how he appreciate things around him. Never let your words be a hindrance to what your child’s discovery stage, be his greatest supporter.

  5. Elinor Semira says

    Ma. Elinor Semira
    elinorsemira0124(at)gmail(dot)com username: mhoie1325
    The best parenting advice I can give is to “ENJOY EVERY MOMENT WITH OUR KIDS”. Time really flies so fast, one day our kids will be on their own so make sure that we spend quality time with them. We need to play with them, sleep with them, eat with them, get wet with them, little things like that. At times, we need to forget about our household chores, our work or other things that we need to do. Spending time with our kids in the “PRESENT” will make good memories that they will truly cherish forever!

  6. says

    Gessa Marie C
    Drypers username: ladiima
    The best parenting advice I can give is:

    1. SInce I am a single mom, i handle things in balance. 60% baby’s attention, 20% house hold chores, and 20% in my hobby that includes my addiction (online)..

    2. I am a newly mom and haven’t had enough experience in taking good care of children. So ask and seek for advice and tips to your friends who are moms already/to our moms/forums/your pedia and even searching in online helps.

    3. In choosing our child’s needs, make sure you know where, whom and how it had been process because babies are sensitive. Search for dos and donts include good and bad for their health.

    4. Make him feel that he’s safe in your hands. Make him feel protected from harmful things and from bad people. This help him to be close with you. :)

    5. Involved him daily activities you are in. I mean, those things that you know he can handle. Like when you are writing give him books. And dont forget to read him stories that helps him to know things step by step. That helps him to gain more knowledge at that young age.

    These are things i do for him. These are my ways how i show to him that I LOVE HIM more than myself. :)

  7. Sharon Moreno says

    Sharon Moreno
    sharonamoreno(at)yahoo(dot)com username: Lucas’Mum

    The best parenting advice I can give is to always try to be the best parent that you can be:
    1. If you are solo, things will be extra tougher but remember that you always can get through.
    2. Be happy. Think positive. Life is hard as it is, let’s not make it all the more unbearable. It is even better to raise a family with a positive outlook.
    3. Kids will be kids. Sure they drive us crazy, doing naughty stuff, making the place tidy, but that’s how they are supposed to be. You can’t stop them from acting their age no matter how hard and much they are being spanked.
    4. Listen to other parent’s advice or story of experience, you might find it useful someday.
    5. Lastly, have time for yourself, even for a few hours. May it be a long bath, or a visit to a salon or a spa. It will keep us refreshed and sane from all the chaos around the living room and the mess in the kitchen. =)

  8. Corrine Emata says

    Corrine Emata
    corrine_75oracle[at]yahoo[dot]com username: nemsis75
    The best parenting advice I can give is…not one parenting style is for everybody. Yes it’s not bad to listen some tips and advice from our elders and friends about how to bringing up a child/children. But remember its up to you to have your style of parenting. It’s not because your parents brought you up this way your going to do it with your child. Mind you they come from a different generation of parents. Try to mix and match until you get the right style that will suit up for both you and your child. Parenting style has no right or wrong. Don’t ever feel you have to defend your child or explain your parenting styles with everyone. Remember they are not the one your child/ children growing up with but it’s with YOU. As a mother of 3 boys I have different style to every child I have just because they are in a different age’s so different approach. My children has many critics but only parents that know what is best for them. Be strong for your child / children.

  9. Cherryl Buenaventura says

    Cherryl Buenaventura
    che(dot)bote(at)yahoo(dot)com username: cheena
    The best parenting advice I can give is… for mommies to follow ABC. :)

    A- ASK
    *Being a mom is really difficult, especially for the first timer. If you’re having hard time taking care of your infant, you can always ask for assistance. You can ask for help from your mom, mother in law, older sister and friends who have children. They are experienced so they can surely give you good advices. You can also search tips from the internet.

    * Breastfeeding is one of the most natural and beneficial acts a mother can do for her child. It provides the ideal nutrition, perfect mix of vitamins, protein, and fat, everything your infant needs to grow. According to studies, breastfed babies has been linked to have higher IQ. The physical closeness, skin-to-skin touching, and eye contact all help your baby bond with you and feel secure.

    * Caring has a big role in every child’s personality( especially infants). The care that children receive has a powerful effects on their survival, development and growth. It is important for us mommies to always make them feel especial and loved. If you have more than 1 kids, JEALOUSY is a big issue. Don’t make the older one feel “left out”. It is important to make him/her involved. Like, if you’re going to change your baby’s diaper, you can ask him/her to help you out, let him/her wipe baby’s poop once in a while, it will also help him/her to be a more responsible kuya/ate. Tell them the importance why you’re giving more of your time to the little one.

    Just be HAPPY in raising up your kids, but don’t forget to take care of your husband as well as yourself. Enjoy life, smile and be happy. :)

  10. Glaiza G. Tominio says

    Glaiza G. Tominio
    drypers club handle : kaydetbride

    The best parenting advice I can give is that don’t hesitate to do anything for your family, esp. for your husband and child/ren. I’m at the peak of my career, with a stable and good paying job but I’m now about to do a brave step of leaving it for my family, most especially to my 2-month old baby daughter. One major factor of this decision is my strong determination to exclusively breastfeed my child for the next 6 months, or until she wants to. I got so attached to my baby that I was crying and dragging my feet to work. I want to give the best care I can give to my daughter and I strongly believe, breastfeeding her is one of the best ways!

    At the end of the day, and even on your deathbed, I won’t be asked how much money I earned or how many hours did I work overtime, but I hope I would be able to say to my family, I’ve been a good wife and mother. :)

  11. Niña Llagono says

    Niña Llagono
    nina_llagono(at)yahoo(dot)com username: ninsh
    The best parenting advice I can give is parents need to take some time to give their children an undivided attention. It does not take an hour to listen to your kids, just give them several minutes to sit down together to talk. Ask about things they are interested in. Remember to listen to your child when they are excited to tell you something and they will learn to return the favor. Another great time to listen is at the dinner table. This is a great way to spend time together. Allow each person at the table to ask a question and everyone else has to answer.

  12. says

    Krystyna Quimpo username: kimps08

    The best parenting advice i can give is always remember to Relax, Pause and BREATHE. Caring for a newborn is a challenge. Their only means of communication is by crying and its up to us to interpret it. There will be days when you feel that nothing you do seems to be going right. Your baby is not latching properly; your nipples are sore; you don’t have enough sleep; your baby is crying and you don’t know what’s wrong. Relax, pause and breathe. Remember that there are people around you who loves you and is willing to lend a hand. Go ask for help when you need to gather yourself together. This will not make you any less of a parent. Babies feel when you are tensed and stressed out and they too will begin to get fussy.

    As your little baby grows a bit older, they will definitely be testing your patience not once but a thousand times. Again, Relax (all children go through this stage), Pause (You don’t want to react too quickly because you may end up shouting or spanking your kid…..and regret what you did afterwards); Breathe (This will calm you down and remind yourself that this is your little angel. He/She may be young but it doesn’t mean that s/he cant understand. Talk to your kid. ask him/her why s/he did what s/he did and explain why its not right. You’ll be surprised with the responses that you will receive.) :)

  13. says

    The best Parenting advice I can give is..Look them in the eye when you’re telling them you love them, when you’re correcting them, feeding them, playing with them, reading or singing to them. Show them love and respect with your eyes. They will return the favor, to you and to the world.

  14. rosalie desposado says

    Rosalie Desposado
    orlyrose(at)yahoo(dot)com username: karlirose
    The best Parenting advice I can give is..when your become a first mom always think his priority at first, try your best to breastfed your baby coz he could get the best nutrients from you which i did to my children. And then raised them with a good manner and most of all to be a god fearing. I always tell my children not to forget to trust and have faith in god always, now as parent in our time we cant get the child in a harsh way because they would just become bold the best we can give is to raised them with heart warming love and full support in everything they need financially, phisically and emotionally. For me I can able to sacrifice myself for my children.

  15. Cheng says

    Cheng Guzman-Duran
    03march2007(at)gmail(dot)com username: chengkikay
    The best parenting advice I can give is… DON’T BLINK! Babies grow up so fast, you would not want to miss each milestone. Along with this advice, and more importantly — shower your kids with unconditional LOVE – they will be forever grateful that you were a good mother/parent to them, and they will likewise do the same to your (future) grandchildren.

  16. Rheza says

    Ma.Fillreza R. Revestir
    rhezareyes(at)yahoo(dot)com username: Rheza

    The best parenting advice I can give is thinks you should care for your own kids and stop having everyone else do it for you…your the one who “had the fun”. do the work that comes with it! Dont use your childhood as an excuse for being a bad parent, use your experiences as the best motivation for treatin your kids the way you wanted to be treated! Being a good parent isn’t being with your child every moment of their life, as in 24/7, it is making every moment that you are in their life worth it. Real Parent’s take care of there own children both financially, physically and emotionally. Real parents will make sacrifices for their children.

  17. says

    Bernadette Siazon
    ba_det(at) yahoo (dot) com username: badudets

    The best parenting advice I can give is do everything with LOVE. As a mother, even if it’s your first-time, instincts will tell you what to do. Give our babies unconditional love, babies are intelligent enough to sense their mothers’/parents’ feelings. Shower them with all the care and comfort they need. Because at their very young age, they only got us, their parents, to hold on to.

  18. Chesca says

    Chesca S Muldong
    chesca_000(at)yahoo(dot)com username: Chesca
    The best parenting advice I can give is…Communicate with your kids even when you think they’re too little to understand, it sets the stage for better conversations and understanding as they grow older. But don’t forget that kids are kids — not “little adults.” You’ll probably have to repeat things over and over, and that’s OK. And also Take care of yourself, no matter how good of a mom you are, you’ll be even better if you’re emotionally, physically, and spiritually happy.

  19. Faith Hazel Almario says

    Faith Hazel Almario username:
    The best parenting advice I can give is…(especially to new moms) to breastfeed your babies without excuses… This will create a bonding between you and your baby and this can actually be a great and priceless gift that you can give to him or her. Aside from saving a lot from breastfeeding, you can get a lot of benefits from it…the list won’t end..

  20. Marilou Naniong says

    The best parenting advice that i can give is.. be a hands on/full time parent/s esp the stage of infancy to five years, so you wont miss your child’s development(esp.their first smile,first steps,etc.) because every minute in a baby’s life is’s grow so fast. while you care, guide, and teach them every moment you also have something that you can learn about them. Be sensitive enough, listen and try to understand baby’s needs esp. the times that your child cannot really express what they want in their own words.-learn your baby’s language.

  21. Rhea Chang says

    Rhea Chang
    changrhea93 [at] yahoo [dot] com username : Mhartivina
    The best parenting advice I can give is not just watching your child to grow from birth to adulthood. It’s more than that…It’s about looking after his physical, mental, social, psychological, spiritual development. We must also guide and mold them as human beings to become good citizens of our country.

  22. Rhea Chang says

    The best parenting advice I can give is not just watching your child to grow from birth to adulthood. It’s more than that…It’s about looking after his physical, mental, social, psychological, spiritual development. We must also guide and mold them as human beings to become good citizens of our country.

  23. says

    Maricar Oraña
    samsoonjr_12(at)yahoo(dot)com username: Maricar

    The best advice I can give to expectant moms like me is to take care of your emotional needs. Talk about your feelings, express it instead of keeping them bottled up. In order to deal effectively with the dramatic changes, simplify your life and get help. Take time off from work to make sure you get off to a great start with your baby. Extend your leave as long as possible or consider reducing work schedule.

  24. says

    Michelle Ame
    michelle_ej08[at]yahoo[dot]com username: LadyMishel

    The best parenting advice I can give is …Discuss your parenting style with your partner and talk about what you ultimately want for your child and yourselves. Effective communication will help you make solid decisions regarding discipline techniques, setting limits, and principles of behaviour. My father was really strict and my mother was really linient, so I learned to play them according to what I needed. After becoming a parent myself, I decided to be somewhere in between. I set clear boundaries, but I also listen to my child and let him have some say in the decisions. I think this taught him a sense of responsibility. I try to be consistent and I always try to do the best that I could.

  25. Mayla Bernardino says

    Mayla Bernardiono
    danna_mikz14(at)yahoo(dot)com username: maylabernardino
    The best parenting advice I can give is to be a parent, you can’t always be their best friend. Children need and want boundaries, make them clear and be firm. consistency is key. But also, let them know that your love is unconditional and you will never stop loving them no matter what. That you are there for them when they need to talk (about anything) or just need a hug. Let them know you are proud of them just for being who they are (not for what they accomplish). If children have a sense of love and security they will be more open with you and you will know what is going on in there lives. Every child is different so trust your own instincts when it comes to your child. What works for one child probably won’t work for another.

  26. Filomena Villanueva says

    Filomena Villanueva
    fmfallar(at)yahoo(dot)com username: fmfallar

    The best parenting advice I can give is you need to stay calm. Your baby can sense when you’re uptight. If you’re holding your screaming baby with tense arms, jiggling them up and down frantically, crying and saying “why won’t you stop!” (or even if you’re just thinking it) your baby will sense that something is wrong with you, and won’t feel comforted. Even if you’ve gotten 1 hour of broken sleep over the past two days, you need to just relax, close your eyes, rock your baby gently and whisper calming things. It works much better. Don’t think about everything that needs to be done, or the amount of sleep you need to catch up on. Like other said, “this too shall pass”. And it will. For now, your baby is upset and needs you to be calm. Just like what my mom said when I had my first child, “Being a parent is hard, but so is being a child. That’s what’s most important.

  27. helen ramos says

    helen ramos
    swtlen79_dok77(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)ph username: swtlen79
    The best parenting advice I can give is listen to that little “ting” you will get in your heart when you are trying to make a decision. You will know when something feels right and when something doesn’t. Go with your heart and not what others are telling you.Be consistent. Children learn primarily through your example. You need to send a consistent message of order and discipline for them to learn from.Have fun. Don’t forget that they are kids. Tickle them, play catch, lay on the floor with them and watch cartoons. Don’t take life too seriously and miss out on the joys of childhood.

  28. Erlhyn Padilla says

    Erlhyn Padilla
    erlhyn(dot)padilla(at)yahoo(dot)com username: Erlhyn
    The best parenting advice I can give is don’t be so harsh on your child. Understand their feelings. Kapag nagkamali sila, hindi dapat saktan. Mas mabuting kausapin lang at ipaunawa na mali ang ginawa nila. Hayaan natin silang maging masaya kasabay ng tamang pagdidisiplina. Let them enjoy their childhood. Huwag tayong magmadali na gawin nila ang mga bagay na pangmatanda. Let them experience the stages of life (from childhood to aduthood) dahil minsan lang sila magiging bata.

  29. Analyn Alonsagay says

    Analyn Alonsagay
    diwata(underscore)emotera(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)ph username: Ahnne
    The best parenting advice I can give to those first time mom like me is to importantly breastfeed their child right after giving birth before trying to use a milk substitute to your baby. I know for all those working mom out there milk supplement is a heaven sent, but if you truly love your child you could have at least devote six months to breastfeed your baby. Babies stomach is so delicate and only mother’s milk is the best food that you can give to your baby, It has also more have complete source of vitamins and minerals than any milk substitute cannot give. I myself breastfeed my 1yr and 8month old son until now, and i can prove to all of you that my son is so healthy and he doesn’t get sick for a long time. My baby is not also the one benefiting the wonders of breastfeeding but also me, I didn’t get pregnant easily and I am healthy too!, Your milk is useless if you cannot give it to your own flesh and blood. Plus, you can save lots of money for not buying expensive milk supplement, Breast-milk is absolutely FREE so worry no more! Soon to be Mom’s, be wise enough, give good nutrition to your baby’s little sensitive tummy. :))

  30. Crystal Lagman says

    Crystal Lagman
    crystalcruz1986(at)yahoo(dot)com username: stal
    The best parenting advice I can give is when me and my daughter had going to take a bath we always play boat,fish game while we are in the bathroom.And once a week I see to it that me my hubby and my daughter had a bonding day,We go to the playplace in the mall where we saw that she was so fun playing with other babies.It was not just building her confidence and be friendly but It was also having a new friends.I am more on hands on mom and I see to it that Quality time is very important in the family.


    Ariane May Nalicat-Gamil
    ladynice243(at)yahoo(dot)com username:mommyariane
    The best parenting advice I can give is to always teach my child good manners for the simple reason that adults will always respond positively to well-mannered children, which in turn means a much happier time for my child. I always set to be a good example to my child not just because I’m her mother. Even a simple “please” when asking a favor or something and saying “thank you”,”sorry” etc. And for parent like me also,encourage your child to say the names of the person who is older to them. Love and respect should always be taught to them and as parents we should always set a good example to our children.

  32. tey says

    maricel bernarte tey

    The best parenting advice I can give is…”Don’t make life too easy for your kids — make them do age-appropriate chores, save money, work toward goals, and so on. Our job, as parents, is to help a child be prepared for real life.”

  33. niña says

    cheriel anna niña titco.
    cheriel(dot)titco(at)yahoo(dot)com username:niña
    The best parenting advice I can give is breast feed your newborn baby upto 6 months without anything liquid intake only moms milk so that your child get the nutitious vitamins that you can give kahit la na munang vitamins hindi lang yun mabisa pa ito pang birthspace……and if you have teens and growing children always Be patient with your children. kahit masahirap nang intindihin at masakit na sa dibdib ang mga kaguluhan nila laging huminahon after na sermunan…..

  34. precious says

    Precious Quintos
    precious_ptrp(at)yahoo(dot)com username: prezeus
    The best parenting advice I can give is… never ever stress yourself of not being a perfect parent to your child/ren. You are the best parent your child could ever have because you gave him/her life and you are trying your best to give a life s/he truly deserves (e.g. choosing to breastfeed, buying the quality diapers, giving his/her a kiss or hug when s/he does a good job, giving him/her the best education, looking after his/ her needs, etc.)

  35. says

    Cymbelly Marzan
    Sometimes even the small naughty things our child/ren do annoy us as parents, but it is not healthy to scold our kid/s all the time. So, what I have learned and am still learning is to “choose my battles”. To figure out what needs scolding and what things my toddler could get away with. I am learning to know which is just plain annoying(that shouldn’t merit scolding) and which is bad manners or done without consideration for others (what she needs to learn not to do).

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