My son caught a bug that’s been going round lately, and he’s been coughing non-stop for the past two days. It’s pretty exhausting for him, and I can see the toll it’s taking on his poor little body. His normally bright eyes are dower, and his usually perked-up demeanor has been clouded over by an unfamiliar (not to mention unwelcome) countenance. I never like seeing him like this.


You think about a lot of things when your child is sick, the foremost being, of course, “When will this all end?” So while I’m in between nebulizing sessions, nap times and the administering of echinacea, I hope you’ll join me in my reflections through the more difficult moments of mom-hood with this compilation of posts.


My Not-So Dainty Mother’s Day (written during Vito’s week at the hospital)

You Don’t Have to be Super Mom (one of my posts at the Mom Renewal Project)

Sucking the Marrow Out of Life… when life sucks (posted last week)

Bad Mommy Days  (a self-explanatory post on mommy guilt… Yes, I’m guilty.)


“Please pray that I get better…” – Vito