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*This post was supposed to go live last Tuesday, but I forgot to schedule it to go up. Haha. 

Project Blog Declutter!

I took a good look at my blog and decided that it was in dire need of a declutter! It was looking all random and very disorganized, and since I want my blog to be a portfolio of sorts for my writing (I’m a freelance writer), I had to make it more streamlined, more “kept together.”

Thanks to this helpful article, I was able to start my decluttering. I’m not yet done with everything, but I’m proud of how I started out! Here’s how the decluttering went down.

1. Pare down on images.

The first thing I had to clean up was my home page, the basic framework of my blog. It was looking rather messy: all sorts of widgets, icons, badges, and other images were making it look too crowded for my taste. I began clearing out the clutter by moving the badges to my Sites of Fancy page, where I keep my Blogroll and favorite links.

2. Declutter the sidebar.

The next thing I had to deal with was the sidebar. I had to really define what I wanted on it! I decided to do away with images that didn’t really go with the aesthetic of my blog: the Facebook widget, several other social media widgets that I wasn’t particularly using that often. I also removed the archives (perhaps I’ll place them in my “About the Blog” page, but I’m not sure yet), and removed the Calendar widget as well.

Now, the sidebar is specifically for advertisements, affiliate links and links to other sites I write for.

3. Decluttering the footers.

This portion is still a work-in-progress. So far, my footer holds my blog badge, a few tracking widgets, and a portion for my ad networks. I used to have other widgets here, like Askimet, Blogshares, and others I can’t even remember. They were making my footer look like a bulletin board, so away they went, too! I also removed the Recent Posts and Popular Posts widgets that used to be here.

4. Cleaned up the blog categories.

This is another work-in-progress. Because I began this blog with no clear direction in the first place, a lot of my early entries have no underlying theme other than being reflective in nature. I decided to create a category called “Mom’s Musings” for these, and filed them under the more general category of House and Home. I made Work-at-Homies into a main category because this blog’s mainly about how I work from home as a mom, and I put subtopics under this category that relate to my work-at-home profile as a blogger and writer.

Basically, I went from having twelve categories to now just having five main ones. I added a “Contests” tab on the nav bar, which will be visible only if I’ve tagged a post as a current contest or promo.


I’m not yet done with cleaning up my blog categories; not yet 100 percent satisfied with what I’ve done! Still, I think I’ve started off rather well. Can’t wait to see who else on Tackle it Tuesday has fathomed their own decluttering giants!


    • Martine says

      Hi, Vidya! Yes, decluttering the blog categories is the most tedious task, for me. I am still in the process of editing and re-editing the categories–I’ve not gotten down to the tags yet, which are a whole other matter. :)
      Thanks for dropping by–I truly appreciate your kind words :)

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