I’ve been tweeting for a little over a year now. Prior to that, my Twitter account was rather stagnant. It wasn’t until I started connecting with other blogging moms via Twitter that I really saw how powerful a tool it was. But while Twitter has much potential, it can also make one, such as myself, a “master at the art of time-suckage” (Yes; I quote Winona Ryder, Reality Bites, 1994).  I can spend literally hours reading Tweets, retweeting, tweeting links of interest, only to wonder “Hey, where’d those two hours run off to?”


Twitter Moms

Photo credit: socialmoms.net


The key to really using Twitter–particularly as a work-at-home mom and homemaker like myself–is to know how to Twitter more productively. While I’ve experienced Twitter as powerful tool, it can be a productivity-killer, especially when I come across some pretty useless, time-sucking threads that lure me into a funnel of slack. As a newbie blogging mom who needs the Internet to make a living, the only way I can reap benefits from a tool like Twitter is if I analyze why I’m using it in the first place.


My New Twitter Goals

Since Twitter is primarily a networking tool, my personal goal for using Twitter is two-fold: to connect with like-minded individuals, and to interact with them based on our common interests. As an outlet (which is what it is for me at certain times of the week!), I tweet to express myself in a unique way. When I do so, it’s usually addressed to the void (like, for example, a rant to some telecom company’s Twitter account, which shall remain nameless.)


But I have a renewed objective regarding Twitter. I want to use it more productively, specifically to build my brand (that is, “Dainty Mom” and everything about this blog), build trust among my followers, and connect with other bloggers, specifically those in the mom and parenting niche. Sometimes I add a #daintymom hashtag after a tweet, just so I can build my relevance and also secure my followers’ trust in me.


So there. I’m going through a Twitter learning spree. In the second part of this entry, I’ll be sharing some tips I’ve learned regarding twitter productivity for mom bloggers such as myself. I hope you’ll stick around to read that!