25 Random Facts About Me

This is inspired by Theta Mom.


I’ve often toyed with the idea of putting this meme of random things on my About page. But when I started working from home as a writer, I thought it might not be what prospective clients wanted to know in the first 30 seconds (unless they were really totally awesome clients. Hehe. Just kidding; I like all my current clients right now!)



Some day, I hope to do an About page this fun. I really think these random facts say a lot about me, however shallow some of them may be. I hope you’ll get to know me a bit better through them, and that you’ll share a fact or two about yourself when you leave a comment!


Here goes…
1. Name someone with the same birthday as you. Tina Turner

2. What’s on your playlist right now? Merry Christmas, Darling, by The Carpenters (Christmas music relaxes me.)

3. Where did you meet your husband? In my house. He was my brother’s buddy; he and I were 12 and 13 y.o., respectively.

4. How many children do you have? One (for now!)

5. Have you ever sung in front of a large number of people? Yes, but technically, I was singing background vocals while playing the keyboard (I was in a band.)

6. Was it love at first sight when you saw your husband? Honestly, I thought he was mute when I first met him, hardly said anything.

7. What’s your favorite food? A really good filet mignon et frites (steak and fries, French style!)

8. What do you order at Starbucks? Tall, 2% Caramel Macchiato (iced or hot, both are good!)

9. If you could buy one thing for the house right now, money aside, what would it be? Uh, a new house?? (We live in an apartment.)

10. As a child, what did you want to grow up to be? A gymnast.

11. Say something totally random about yourself. I’m worrying about the size of my buns and thighs at this very moment.

12. Do you watch X-Factor? YES.

13. Did you have braces? Yes. And a head gear. And glasses. All at the same time when I was 11. I was a total metal head (literally)

14. Favorite Social Network? Twitter (Follow me: @Dainty_Mom)

15. Where’d your husband propose to you? Here’s a funny story: He planned to proposed to me during dinner at one of the French restaurants in town, knowing I like French food. He chickened out there, and ended up proposing to me outside Zara in the mall. I think it’s an AWESOME engagement story. #romanceisoverrated

16. Why is your blog called Dainty Mom? I’ve always liked dainty, refined and elegant things. Unfortunately, they are only adjectives I can aspire to. Haha. #livewithit

17. Do you speak any other languages? Despite growing up in Hong Kong, I can’t speak a stitch of Chinese; high school in Singapore — didn’t learn any Indian or Malay either; and I still struggle with Tagalog.

18. What’s your favorite pastime? I like to hit the spa and nail salon twice a month.

19. What magazines do you read? Faves: Real Living and Real Simple, and from time to time, Good Housekeeping and Parenting.

20. Name one of your useless skills. I can identify most musical artists and actors just by the sound of their voice.

21. Do you drive? No; applied for a student’s permit and never got behind the steering wheel. #chicken

22. What are your top five TV shows at home this fall ’11 season? New Girl (still have to watch downloads), Hawaii Five-O, Nikita, Glee (might drop it, though, finding it lame), Modern Family.

23. Can you dance? No. Tried, and failed.

24. What’s your favorite place in the world? Home. Seriously, I love being at home.

25. If you could have a super power, what would it be? To be able to heal any of my family members when they’re ill.


OK, that’s some random stuff about me. Inspired by my friend Manila Mommy, I’m gonna ask you to do two things in the comments: 1) Answer one of my 25 questions with an answer about you, and 2) ask me another random question, which I’ll answer. Ready? Go!


  1. says

    Love this post! I’ll answer No. 15: Where did your husband propose to you? On the plane on our way from Manila to Brunei – on our way to Timor Leste (East Timor) where we were being sent to join my parents on mission for Couples for Christ! 😉

    I’ve been wanting to do a post like this on my blog. Probably will soon! hehe :-)

    My question to you would be: If you were asked to describe yourself in one word, what would it be? :-)

    • says

      Aww, what a sweet engagement story! :) Thanks for sharing it, Tina!
      Do this post on your blog na! And link back to this post, too, heehee.

      My answer to your question: One word to describe me? Hmmm… “Neat-freak”? (Technically that’s one word, haha, and an adjective to connote my bouts of obsessive cleaning, piling and sorting. If I were an object, I’d be a filing cabinet–a pink one. Lol)

  2. says

    i finally got around to reading this!! awesome list marts 😀 ako rin i love the carpenters!

    i’ll answer #21 – i used to drive, but it just became too stressful for me!! it ended when i crashed into our neighbor’s 1982 ford colt and he wanted me to pay 50,000 for it! kaloka. i always call cabs na lang to pick me up at home.

    my question: when will we meet-up again?!

    • says

      Hey, Neva! Thanks–it’s fun to do these things once in a while! De-stresses me… and I could use some of that now, hahaha.

      When will we meet up with EVERYONE, complete? Only God knows… 😉 Baka pag Kris-Kringle, hehehe….

  3. says

    Martine: I will post the same comment I made on Neva’s — parang Comment Meme ko ito, LOL! :

    Ay naku, this reminded me of that 25 Random Things About Me on FB notes years ago!!! This is really cool. I deleted that post from my blog kasi nahiya nako hahaha….now I think I wanna post it back again. Let me think about that again….

    Q&A #12 – I do watch X-Factor! :)
    My Q for you: If you would have a baby girl, what would you name her and why?

    • says

      Do another one, Michelle! We can link all our memes together and have some real fun. 😉

      My answer to your question: Ton and I talked about some names we’d like for a baby girl. We like the name Sabrina best–it’s so girly and cute. Heehee….

  4. krystyna quimpo says

    this is fun!
    my most useless skill would be memorizing the lines from movies that i love. i happen to super love the movie “my best friend’s wedding” with the “you’re never gonna be jell-o.” line. my husband used to find it amusing that i can do that but now he no longer wants to watch this movie with me. LOL.

    question: do you secretly collect anything? like candy wrappers maybe? hehe

    • says

      Hi, Tyna!

      Haha! I actually collect leftover ribbons and embellishments from gift wrappings; I re-use them when wrapping other gifts, like during Christmas, so I’m always collecting them–I even collect them from my family members who just throw their wrappings away. Haha. I also keep paper shopping bags because I can reuse them, too. :)

  5. says

    I want to this meme too! what does meme stand for anyway?
    I’ll answer #2 – yes, in 2nd grade, at a solo singing contest, and i totally failed (because I have stage fright) – but I met a really good friend (a fellow contestant!)
    My random question – what is the oldest piece of clothing in your closet?

    • says

      I don’t know why they call it a “meme” either, haha!

      The oldest piece of clothing in my office is a cream-colored crepe shift dress that’s very Jackie O-esque. It’s my go-to dress when I can’t think of what to wear (or can’t buy) a new outfit to morning formal events.

  6. says

    Useless skills – I have this ability to remember songs forever! I love music and know many lyrics! I think I’ve passed it on to my kids – My 2.5 year-old-daughter knows so many songs already, it’s crazy!

    Question for you – Do you think you’ll ever get your driver’s license?

    • Martine says

      I love your useless skill–I think I have a similar skill for remembering ENTIRE movie sequences by heart, LOL. (FYI, I can totally narrate Sleepless in Seattle word-for-word.Hehe.)

      My answer to your question: I actually WANT to get it already; but I’ve been wanting to for three years, and I still don’t have one. Let’s see next year, hahaha.

  7. says

    i thought my husband was ‘suplado’ when we first met & i thought that was bad enough. you thought yours was MUTE! hahaha. winner!

    i’ll answer #26: can you dance? uhm, feeling ko oo, but i’m not sure kasi i just memorize the steps to the core. coz if i miss out in the middle of things, i can’t continue na.

    my question for you: if you were a guy, do you think you’d get attracted, court, and marry yourself? why & why not? :)

    • Martine says

      Haha, you’re the third person to answer regarding dancing!

      My answer to your question: Me? Honestly, no; I’m not sexy kase. HAHAHA. I only know my husband is the only one who could love me the way he does, with all my imperfections, haha.

    • Martine says

      Hmmm… That deserves a whole new post itself! Haha! But if there’s something on my bucket list, it’s to be able to make this blog/website/cause a place where moms can congregate, be inspired, and inspire other moms.

  8. Ceemee says

    Nice meme!
    I think I can dance, I joined a dancing contest in elementary. I miss dancing!
    What do you fear the most?

  9. says

    Cute! I’m inspired to do a post like this din.

    Name someone with the same birthday as you. – The Moffats – a fact that has been stuck in my head since grade school from reading BOP! LOL!

    What’s your all time favorite TV series? (One that you can watch over and over)

    • Martine says

      Cai: Do this meme also! Link up as many blogs tayo and begin a chain of memes 😉

      Hahaha! Moffats. OMG, what happened to them?

      My all time favorite TV series would have to be…. a toss-up between Family Ties and Growing Pains. HAHAHA. I can watch those reruns over and over. Those, or Law & Order.

  10. says

    That was fun! I love reading memes (did i get the plural version right?)

    I’ll answer # 6. Was it love at first sight when you saw your husband?
    That’s a huge NO. He was drunk as a skunk. He tried to take me home and when I flat out refused, he motioned his hands to his body while asking with bewilderment: “Why not?”…. twice. LOL

    My question to you is: What is your *current* cheap thrill?

    Me, I’m currently obsessing over iced great taste coffee from Mini Stop. Damn convenience stores! Why must they be in my building?!

    • Martine says

      Yes, the plural is correct 😉

      Haha! I love your account of your first meeting w/ Christian, LOL. Can’t imagine a nice guy like him dead drunk!

      Current cheap thrill: Tea Tarik from Kopi Roti! Not really that cheap–P55–but cheaper than milk teas! We’ve been going like every three days to get me one, hahaha. I really could make it at home, though, but I like the excuse of going out (which is NOT cheap, is it? Gas = gasgas wallet)

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