This week’s home office inspiration makes me want to breathe a contented, “Ahhh….”

Source: via Martine on Pinterest


Isn’t this space gorgeous as it is serene? I love that window shade, and the calming, toned-down greens and lilacs against the predominantly white setting. I can imagine working in a space like this to be totally relaxing. I like well-lit work spaces, seeing as I prefer to work in daylight more than anything else. There’s something refreshing about starting my work day early, with the sunlight to greet me as I read emails, organize my day’s to-do list, and take my first cup of coffee or tea for the day.

I also love the clean lines, those acrylic tables, and that sweet green chair; and I could SO use a lovely chair like this to call my own!

What do you think of this lovely home office?

Have you got a home office that’ll inspire other WAHM-ies? I’d love to feature it!

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