Sesame Street-themed Birthday Party {Vito’s 2nd birthday}

My little boy just celebrated his 2nd birthday, and I am beside myself with old age… er, I mean I’m giddy with joy. Planning the birthday party this year was actually quite a pleasure! I can happily say that I didn’t stress myself over anything, and everything fell into place.

Since our little boy loves Sesame Street, naturally, it became the theme for his special day.

Sharing some of the party details here for all you DIY partyphiles like me. Enjoy Vito’s Sesame Street themed party–I know we all did! (Suppliers are mentioned after the photos). 


Polka dot buntings made of fish line + construction paper

The dessert and giveaways table

Birthday cake


Carrot cake cream cheese bars

Chewy chocolate Sesame Street-themed cookies

Loot bags

Crafts, face paint and storytelling by Make Believe Productions

Happy birthday, Vito!



Printable toppers, thank-you labels and decals: Less Ordinary Designs on

Birthday Cake and Cookies: Kraze Kitch Bakeshop

Carrot cake cream cheese bars: Beng’s Home Kitchen

Bubbles: Toys ‘R’ Us (customized with labels)

Sesame Street bandanas: Robinsons’ Department Store

Storytelling + Crafts + Face Paint: Make Believe Productions

*Special thanks to Cai of Apples and Dumplings for lending me her scallop puncher so I could make the pretty cake bar toppers!


  1. Martine says

    Thanks, everyone! It was lots of fun planning this, and having such reliable suppliers and vendors made everything so easy. :):) Most of all, little boy was very happy (and tired!) after such a fun day.

  2. says

    belated happy birthday to Vito!!! how nice the theme… i love the cookies tapos face ng characters ng Sesame Street ang nakalagay. I just hope that Sesame Street will be back on free channel. Kasi I grew up with them as well as my 2 older daughters. But with my youngest naman, i buy Sesame Street in vcds. Congrats to you as well kasi ang galing at ang patient mo to do it. :)

  3. says

    Yay for DIY parties! And you’re very welcome with the scallop puncher. Anyone who wants to borrow it, I’d be happy to lend it to you! :) I love the cake!

    • Martine says

      Thanks so much, Cai! I actually wanted to make more, but the “Vito is 2” decals were smaller than I had planned, and my hubby wanted less scalloped edges because he found them girly. Haha. Which means I should be DIY-ing little girls’ parties because I like scallop borders so much 😉

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