Toys for boys: Hot Rod City Play Mat {Review}

One of the best parts of my day is being able to play with my toddler. We’ve come a long way from tummy times and crib mobiles! At 25 months, my son’s preferences span a myriad of choices, from building blocks to wooden cars and trains to mini action figures to soccer balls to puzzles… the list never seems to end!

He loves playing on the floor, so naturally he spends most of his time there. When he was younger, I used to lay out interlocking foam mats for him to play and roll about on. Now that he’s a bit older, I’ve had to be more creative! These days, he likes making towers and buildings with his blocks and Legos for his cars to go around and about in.

So you can imagine I was thrilled when I found out about these awesome play mats from Tyler Marketing. A great gift for young boys, the Hot Rod City Play Mat is fantastic play carpet that’s great for playing with cars and small construction vehicles. It also doubles as a regular play mat. Here’s my kid having fun with it:

hot rod city play mat 1

We have the airport-themed play mat. It’s actually part of the Hot Rod City Play Mat set (There are 9 designs to choose from).

hot rod city play mat 2

Vito's Hot Rod City play mat in the Airport theme.


Here’s what’s great about the Hot Rod City Play Mat:

    • I like that and has a soft and safe non-slip lining. Unlike regular foam mats, this one clings to the floor so that your kid is in no danger of slipping while he’s on the mat.


hot rod city play mat 3

  • It’s made of durable material that’s easy to clean. The non-stick under lining is easily cleaned with soap and water; the soft top layer can be cleaned with a cloth and warm soapy water. The entire mat can be air-dried. I recommend cleaning it once a week, during weekends (when our family is usually out of the house).
  • It inspires creativity. Older kids will be able to appreciate the pictures and imagery on the mats, and associate the different themes with various real life situations. My kid’s a bit too young to appreciate the airport scene going on in our play mat, but a child 3 years old or will surely identify with the various scenes depicted on the mats.
  • It’s made with lead Free, odorless paint. No “new toy” smell when you take it out of the box, meaning that it’s completely safe for your kids; no fumes to worry about!
  • The playmats may be connected to form a bigger playmat. You can collect all the designs to form one awesome “city” for your little one to enjoy! That means hours of imaginative and divergent play for your kids–and more diversions away from the TV!


The Hot Rod City Play Mats are available from Tyler Marketing. They make a great Christmas present, at onlh PHp800.00 per mat! And because they’re such high-quality, the price is so worth it. I’m thinking of getting three more so that we can cover one corner of Vito’s room with them for a “imaginative play” area. That would be swell!


Go to for more Hot Rod City Play mat variants!


  1. Cosyplay says

    I really like the concept of this play mat because it is very artistic that it’s design is enjoyed by our children.Hope for more designs so that we can collect more of you play mats.

  2. says

    The playmats are beautiful, aside from it’s very affordable. Nice idea for a Christmas present :)

    Congratulations for having won the Phil. Blogs Awards – Home and Parenting Category!

  3. says

    Oh, what a great idea!!! I’m having a boy soon (due January 2015), and this would be a nice addition to their (already) very limited play toy collection. Hehehe. I’m sure my 2 girls will enjoy this also. Thanks for the great idea!

    • Martine says

      I think he’d enjoy it! The recommended age, according to toy reviews on the product, is three years old though. But Vito seems to like it just fine, and he’s only two years old. :)

  4. says

    hi martine!
    thank you sooo much for the blog entry…so glad vito enjoyed his playmat!!! :)
    .and i love your blog! i regularly check for new entries! haha
    thanks again!
    Kim :)

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