Dainty Mom’s Going Green” feature highlights people, places and products that inspire and challenge me to live a more green and earth-conscious lifestyle. Today’s Going Green feature is a sponsored post by ECHOstore Sustainable Lifestyle.


For me, sustainable living means more that just living and acting in an eco-positive way. In our family, being sustainable means having a very personal interest in reducing the way our daily choices affect the planet. Considering this, sustainable motherhood, for me, is simply an extension of this an earth-conscious lifestyle to the decisions I make regarding my son, Vito.

My reasons for living more sustainably also go deeper than just “green living.” I’m striving to follow these practices in order to protect the world for my son’s future. I hope that in some way, my son will imbibe these values and in turn pass them on to his future generation. We’re not perfect; we’ve not managed 100 percent sustainability. But we are doing so to the best of our abilities, and I believe that every little bit counts in terms of helping heal and protect our planet.

Perhaps you should think about being a more sustainable household? As a mom, I’ve outlined some baby steps that you can start off with! Hopefully by the time this year is over, you would have helped your family switch to a more sustainable lifestyle.

1. Green your household cleaners.

When I was pregnant, I began researching on the safety of some common household cleaning aids. I learned that certain household cleaners that I thought were killing almost a hundred percent of those household germs were actually doing me–and my new baby–more harm than good! So I switched to homemade cleaners. Baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice became my secret weapons in the kitchen and the bathroom. I also discovered several local, eco-friendly cleaners which weren’t only effective, but completely safe to use and didn’t give off nasty bi-products that would be harmful to my family.

2. Go eco-friendly with your personal care items. 

We Pinoys just love our PX, imported and branded personal care items, don’t we? But personally, I’ve put a premium instead on local, sustainable toiletries. First of all, they’re made for Filipino skin and hair. Secondly, they’re good for the planet since they’re made responsibly. And lastly, they’re locally-made, so they didn’t have to travel across the globe (which uses up fuel!). What’s more, supporting them means providing jobs to fellow Filipinos.

3. Prepare food from scratch. Cook local and seasonal meals.

Avoid the supermarket aisles and imported food sections as often as you can. Instead, source your food from local providers who follow sustainable practices.

  • I personally get my veggies from an organic farmer: The weekly basket that’s delivered to my home inspires me to make healthy, fresh meals for my family. I save on gas and on trips to the market by committing to this weekly delivery, which also serves several other families in the city.
  • In the same way, I’ve sourced out my meats, poultry and eggs from free-range sources. It costs a bit more to eat this way, but by doing so, you’re investing in your family’s future health.

4. Teach your family how to reduce, reuse and recycle.

  • Teach your children how to recycle properly. One of the easiest ways is to have them help you segregate the garbage into differently-labeled bins: paper, cans/tins, glass, plastic, biodegradables. You can color code these bins and teach the kids to place their trash in a respective bin.
  • Also, reuse or repurpose items around the house. Save brochures and junk mail; they come in handy for collages for your kids’ school projects. Assign a box for your kids to put scraps in for using later on for arts and crafts.
  • Save spare shopping bags (when you forget about using your reusable bags, of course) and use them for bathroom trash can liners.

5. Make your gift-giving conscious.

When you give gifts, try to buy organic, sustainable and fair-trade materials. This tip will come in handy for all those birthday celebrants, Mothers- or Fathers’ Day, and of course, Christmas (it’s never too early to plan!). I make it a point to give quality, locally-sourced gifts. For example: I like giving the sustainable toiletries and personal care products that I myself use; it’s a great way to educate the recipient as well, especially since I can vouch for the products since I myself use them.

Hopefully these tips will help you take those steps to being a more sustainable mom this year. If you want to get a head start, I highly recommend that you head over the ECHOstore, the sustainable lifestyle store, and check out their selection of eco-friendly, responsibly-produced home care products, personal care items, foods, deli items, and more.


Photo: Zlatko Unger

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