Organizing your kids’ stuff while prettifying your home {3 Sprouts Giveaway}

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As I’ve mentioned, I’m particular about the way our home looks. I want things to complement each other and look great together while serving a convenient, functional purpose, especially when it comes to keeping my son’s toys and knick-knacks corralled! That’s why we have dual-purpose furniture, space-saving solutions and organizers that are both aesthetically-pleasing and useful.

I believe that every home–yes, even one with one or more children–can have the same balance of form and function, child-friendliness and design-savvy. With a few simple solutions, you can have a well-organized home that not only looks great, but is ideal for your kids, too. Here’s how.

1. Find inspiration.

Be inspired by other homes that make good use of both design and organization.

  • Apartment Therapy: Check out the Playroom category, which features loads of playroom ideas that also have helpful organization tips.
  • Project Nursery: I often visited this site when I was planning Vito’s nursery nook. The Project gallery is filled with loads of ideas for kids rooms.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest in pinboarding on social media steroids. Follow Pinterest members who have pinboards on nurseries and kid’s spaces, bedrooms or play rooms. Pin any pegs that you find interesting on to your own pin board, which you can call “Kids Room Ideas,” or something to that effect.

2. Decorate with organization in mind.

Back when we lived in a one-bedroom flat, my son didn’t have a room of his own. So, we created a nursery nook in one side of our bedroom. One of the first things I had made for the nook was a dresser-changing station. I researched online for looks that I liked, and I had my mom (who used to be an interior designer) make me a sketch of what I wanted made. (You can save the image below to use for your own design purposes!)

My mom's actual sketch of the custom dresser I had made

The dresser had ample space for my baby’s clothes, diapers, toiletries and other accessories, and it was made to my specifications and color preferences. You can make the same considerations for your child’s space.

3. Make your common areas play-friendly yet beautiful.

Your home doesn’t have to look like a toy store that got hit by a tornado. You can make your living area and other home spaces kid-friendly by providing simple design-organization solutions.

  • Use open shelves with decorative wicker or fabric baskets for corralling toys and other small items your kids might leave around.
  • Make use of decorative hampers and bins that serve as storage spaces for toys.
  • Show your kids how to put their play things in their proper homes, especially when they’re playing in the living room or elsewhere aside from their playroom or nursery. This is a great way to teach packing away and responsibility for belongings.

4. Follow a color palette.

From the beginning, Vito’s colors for his accessories, bed linens, and room decorations have always been blue, orange and brown. even his towels, face cloths and grooming kit are different hues of these core colors. By following a color palette for your kids, you add a professionally-inspired touch to your home design. What’s more, you make it easier for yourself to purchase things for your child’s room, since you already have certain colors in place. (Incidentally, our 3 Sprouts storage bin and wall organizer fit our kid’s color palette.) Check out this helpful article on choosing a kid-friendly color palette for a playroom or nursery.

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  1. Theresa Cruz-Escaros says

    I want my child to be as healthy as possible. Preventing him from being exposed to a lot of toxins and chemicals will somehow minimize possible diseases/illnesses in the future.

  2. says

    Though I am just a second mom to my nephew, that frisky imp is so lovable that I want everything kid-friendly, organic/natural product is a-must for an obnoxious spinster Aunt like me! Safety is my primary concern when I buy things for my imp and natural products can really make me feel at ease, and they’re good for the environment too!!!

  3. Mary Grace Reyes says

    I love organic products because aside from saving our environment, it is also safe for my kids as well.

  4. Raizah D. Credo says

    As a first time mom and a single mom, it is hard to raise a child on my own. Not knowing what to do and what to expect makes it more difficult. But using organic products for my baby is one way of making sure that my child gets the nutrition she needs and I know its also safe to use it. A child is born without a handbook to guide us on how to raise them but thank God for organic products, they make it easier for first time moms to raise one.

  5. Sharon Moreno says

    organic baby products are important for me because as a mom, i only want what’s best for my baby.. harsh chemicals may not be seen by the naked eye but it can cause more than harm to our kids. lucky our generation are more aware of organic products available in the market.

  6. Sharon Moreno says

    whenever there’s a child, there’s always a mess. that’s why it is a challenge for us parents to keep an organized place. combining my knowledge in architecture, a lot of readings for tips, and consideration of my toddler’s activities will help me make a functional, space saving, and child proofed lovely home.

  7. Karen Tolentino says

    Organic kid- and baby products important to me because not only is it safe for my baby, it’s also eco friendly :)

  8. says

    I’ve been using organic products for my baby most especially on her toiletries and food. At a very young age I want to train her to have a healthy living. :) This is also our commitment to a better Earth.

  9. Mary Grace Panol says

    Organic products are not only healthier and safer for babies, they are environment-friendly too! Thanks for this great giveaway!

  10. Mei Santiago says

    my husband and I are environmental advocate, it is very important to us to use friendly and environmental things that can help and protect environment in a small and simple way . Using organic product is the best thing I know that will keep my baby safe from harm nor anything.

  11. eunice joyce villacruz says

    having a kid we always want the best for him by choosing the right products for him. going organic and buying organic products not only my baby likes it but it also helps the environment

  12. anne rae garcia says

    Organic baby products are free from all kinds of chemicals and its harmful effects, so you can be sure that your babies are safe and comfortable

  13. Mary Jay Javier says

    To ensure that your baby is protected as much as possible and the numbers of things that can harm your baby are increasing every day.

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