I am not the work-at-home veteran in our home. My husband is.Β In fact, my husband has been working from home longer than I have, and he has taught me so many lessons about balancing the work-at-home lifestyle. I’m very grateful to him for doing so, because I see just how great a guy he is!

My husband is not an “out there” type of guy. He’s not loud, but he has an endearingly annoying sense of humor. (“Endearingly annoying” is my definition of “corny.” **smiles**) He supports the fact that I work from home, and was actually the one who inspired me to make the leap from office to home office a few years ago, when I quit my last job.

But you know what? It’s not systems and productivity aids that help keep me afloat as I work. Really, it’s my husband who is the secret weapon behind my work-at-home success.

A lot my work these days involves meeting with clients, which sometimes takes me out of the house. During client meetings and blogging engagements, my hubby is always there by my side. He is my driver, my bodyguard, my tireless companion, my sounding board, my supporter. He’ll wait for me while I’m in a client meeting, and make sure I get from one appointment to the next. Even if I tell him that I’ll be OK taking public transport, he insists on taking me around town, when I need to.

I’m very thankful for my hubby. I feel so blessed that he supports my work-at-home endeavor, even if it entails going out on meetings across town some of the time. When I’m at home and he sees that I’m uptight because of work, he gently reminds me to take things slow, relax with him and our son, and get my mind off things for just a while. He keeps me steady, in touch with reality, and makes me want to be a better mom and wife every single day. It doesn’t take much from him: a hug, a cuddle, a tickle. But these little acts of kindness are the fuel that keep me going as a work-at-home mom and wife. And I’m super grateful that I’m a recipient of this type of support and love.

Honey, I love you. Thank you for being so awesome.

What makes your hubby swell? Do share!