Spot the difference!

Dear Readers,

No, Dainty Mom has not become an entomology enthusiast’s blog. I was just intrigued by this photo I stumbled upon on Flickr, because it’s kinda awesome: Three ladybugs of different species! But what amazes me — even more than the beauty of this photograph — is that these wonderful creatures are the same in kind, yet they’re distinctly beautiful. (Just look at those amazing outer shells!)

It’s just like us, here on Dainty Mom. We’re all moms, but we come from different walks of life. Each mom is unique and special in her own way. This month of April, I want to thank all you moms for sharing in Dainty Mom’s blogging journey, especially after my recently concluded blogaversary last month. I am extremely thankful for all the moms who have read the blog thus far, left comments, joined contests and have been a part of a growing community, whether it’s on Twitter or on the Facebook page. You help keep this blog alive — and keep me inspired to write for it. So thank you!

What’s Dainty this April

Helpful articles on baby and toddler care: Some of the site partners I’m this month have baby-themed businesses, and so I’ll be sharing some baby-friendly blog posts with you. From tips on co-sleeping to choosing the best products for baby care and toddler play, we’ve got articles that will surely be of great help to you and your journey as mom.

Work-at-home tips and articles:

  • I’ve also got some tips on how to use Linked In to your work-at-home advantage (so get a Linked In profile already before that!).
  • I wanted to share about my recent experience with work-at-home fatigue, and the action steps I took to get out of it — an important lesson for all moms, I think!
  • I’m featuring some guest bloggers who’ll be sharing about their work-at-home journey thus far, and how you can become a full-fledged work-at-home mom, if you want to.

April Mompreneurs and work-at-home moms: You’ll meet some of the wonderful moms I’ve partnered with this month on Dainty Mom — all of whom have been loyal readers of this blog. The roster for the month includes Joanne Sison of Mathemagis; Pam So-Suarez, a mompreneur who brought in the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper Bedside Bassinet to the local market; Jenny Soliman, a mompreneur travel agency owner who hails from divine Palawan; and Lei Alfonso, the babywearing, sustainable-living doctor-momma behind Caleb’s Closet Ecostore.

New feature: “Inspired Words”: I used to have an artistic strain when I was younger, and I’ve decided to let the phoenix rise from the ashes through my occasional inspired graphic feature, “Inspired Words.” I’ve been so hooked on Pinterest, that I thought to come up with my own sharable graphics, with inspired sayings and quotes from real moms.

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Happy April, everybody!




Photo: nutmeg66