Nicey Arafiles is a charming and sweet (not to mention, youthful) photographer who has just started her own business. Our family scheduled a lovely afternoon shoot a couple of weeks ago at my parents’ place, so that Nicey could capture some neat snaps of Vito in his regular routine in my mom’s garden. My parents’ garden is one of my boy’s favorite playtime places, and seeing him run around, horse around by the kiddie pool, and pick flowers to give to me certainly was the cherry on top of a happy (though very hot!) afternoon.


What I liked most about our photo shoot was that we were just being “us.” Nicey specializes in capturing moments on-the-go, and in detailed shots. She prefers to keep in step with her subjects, rather than dictating poses and actions, which is great, because she could just focus on capturing Vito in his element.

I highly recommend her services, if ever you’re in need of photography for your next family photo session, event, or even wedding. (She covered my cousin’s wedding last year, which you can view and read about on Nicey’s portfolio blog. She also has more shots of my family’s shoot, over here.

I’ll let the shots speak for themselves.




Click through for more photos of me, my family, and my adorable little boy!


Nicey, like me, was homeschooled for a time, so we immediately clicked upon meeting each other. During her younger years as a homeschooled student, Nicey was able to learn how to use an SLR camera. Not the fancy-shmancy ones that anyone can use these days; Nicey learned the value and preciousness of working with film, of the raw and traditional practice of taking photos and developing them. Of course, today she works with all the modern conveniences of digital photography today. Still, it’s comforting to know that she has deep respect for the old-skool art of photography.





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Disclosure: Dainty Mom received an On-Location family photo shoot package in exchange for this post. No other compensation was received.