Introducing… The Real Mom Bloggers of Mommy Matters

No, you’re not seeing things: That’s a poster of me and my blogger friends Kris (of OC Mom in Manila), Eliza (of Painters Wife) and Paola (of Mommy Treats) in the latest ad campaign by Mommy Matters.

I’m honored to be one of the “real moms” tapped by Mommy Matters in this new campaign. Finally, I can live out my fantasy as a “mow-del” (even for just this one time **laughs**). May I also say that my fellow stellar moms in this ad are all amazing women in their own right: They’re strong in their beliefs and principles; they’re authentic and true to their online personas (read: what you read is who you’ll get when you meet them!); they rock at modern motherhood, and are totally real about their own imperfections — as you can very well see from their blogs. Of course, we all breastfeed our babies and toddlers, which is why we love Mommy Matters: Functional, comfy clothes that help us to live out our best as working, nursing, real moms.

MM real mom ad omnibus v1 fs

L-R: Kris of OC Mom In Manila, Eliza of The Painter’s Wife, Paola of Mommy Treats and yours truly.

The campaign features the #RealMom Twitter tag, and also highlights each mom blogger’s real mom mission statement. The collaterals also detail our multiple roles as moms — love it! Below are the individual materials for each mom blogger.

Of course, the highlight of these materials are the comfy and colorful fashions by Mommy Matters; but our children certainly do take the cake, don’t they? 

MM real mom martine
MM real mom kris
MM real mom paola
MM real mom eliza

A Social Media-Savvy Campaign

I enjoyed working on this campaign with its passionate pioneers, Janice Villanueva and Candice Yaw, the fab owners of the Mommy Matters brand.

One of the things that stand out about this campaign is that the collaterals all prominently display our mom blog URLs, something that doesn’t often happen in advertising campaigns.

This is what makes Mommy Matters an awesome brand for real, modern moms: It knows its audience, it’s aware of the power of social media, and it keeps moms’ needs at the forefront of their brand. In fact, the advertisement campaign fits in well with the Mom Blog Magazine’s 2012 mom blogging predictions, where award-winning mom blogging pioneer Jennifer James stated that mom bloggers would begin taking brands in print and TV ads by storm this year.

Aside from rolling out these social media-sharable materials (Please do share them on Facebook and Twitter!), the featured moms will be onstage at Expo Mom on May 5, 4pm — please do join us as we talk about real motherhood. Down the road, Mommy Matters will also be sponsoring contests on our blogs, so watch out for that!

How’s that for social media-savvy?

Share your own #RealMom statement and tag @MommyMattersph on Twitter and on Facebook.


  1. Toni says

    Wow Marts…You look so beautiful and happy! Congrats and keep it up. I promised myself to read more from bloggers esp Mom – to get tips and be inspired. :)

    Hope to see you soon.

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