I’m patting myself on the back today.

Wow. It’s June tomorrow! That means it’ll have been two years (officially) as a work at home mom. Hooray! **claps by her lonesome**

I consider it an achievement to have come this far as a freelancer. It’s not an easy job. I’ve been an employee since I was 19, when I began working part-time while I studied. I’ve always had the assurance of a steady income and the umbrella of an employer. That’s why venturing out to the benefit-less world of freelancing was rather scary, at first. Added to the fact that I was a new mom, the apprehension was even more intense. I was doing freelance writing jobs on the side, just to get my feet wet. But really, I had no idea of what to expect after I turned in my resignation letter — my first ever — two years ago this day.

It’s a good thing God is kind. Since I left my former job, I’ve been busy, busy,busy — and I believe it’s all because of God’s blessings, the universe aligning, and all that jazz. (Yes, for those who might be doubting, I still believe in God. I am a mess without Him.) In fact, I’ve been so busy lately that this week, I decided to slow down and catch up with some reading, some reflecting, some connecting with Him.


Since Monday, my schedule has been mostly about getting back to a place of rest and peace. You can call it “centering” or “self-care” or even “prayer.” For me, it’s simply about going back to the basics, stepping back from work, and taking a deep breath before going back full-on into freelancing mode. I’m still neck-deep in projects, of course, but given the flexible work schedule I often talk about here on this blog, I decided. “Hey, I deserve to slow down a bit!” (I love being able to work from home.)

Why slow down? Because next month is going to be busy, busy, busy! This June, I’m coming out with my first FREE ebook for work-at-homemakers. I’m also going to be launching a new section of the site — the Mompreneur Marketplace — a place that supports mom-run businesses. I’ve got more contests and features lined up from site partners. And I’ve got meetings lined with up new clients, whom I believe are true blessings and “shareholders” in my decision to maintain work at home mom job.

But, for now, I’m still savoring my semi-vacation week.  Like I said in my latest article over at the World Moms’ Blog, I’m doing my best to juggle all that I do. Breaks and hiatuses — however brief they are — are always good for the soul. Because next month — meaning, tomorrow — it’s going to be busy all over again for this work at home mom!

How about you? Have you needed to slow down lately?

Photo: emilywjones