Songbird Pocket

This May has been crazy busy so far — and the month just started. Whew. I’ve signed on to do new projects with new clients, and have a couple more meetings this month with potential partners both for the blog and for my writing business. So far, “mothers’ May” is looking bright for the blog, and on the work front.

The first half of this month has been busy, with the Mommy Matters and Mommy Mundo events lined up (Catch the #RealMoms again, by the way, this May 13, 2 PM, in TriNoMa, Quezon City!), and the second half of it will have me busy with client projects and the upcoming HAPI Homeschooling Conference, of which I am an active participant. (If you’re interested, please register at!)

I’m also fully booked on the blog for giveaways and contests for May and the beginning of June. I get a ton of requests each month requesting for giveaways! If you’re looking for opportunities to run contests here to promote your brand or business, I’m willing to work with you. Just drop me a line, and we can come up with something for the June-July stretch. You may also browse through my Media Kit to see if you want to work on any particular kind of campaign for your business.

If you’re looking into blog consultations, I’m also booked through May, but you can always reserve a slot by emailing me at[at]gmail[dot]com with your concerns.

I’m also fully booked for tutorials for start-up bloggers. Again, if you’d like to set up an appointment, I’m taking bookings for June.

Whew. This is why it rocks to work from home!


Photo: stirwise