Is Your Family Stepping on the Gas Too Much?

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I rarely go to PR and blogger events. Unless they’re events I really like or am really interested in, I’d rather just stay home or do something with my family than spend on gas for an event I’ll be half-hearted about. It’s the same with client meetings: I rarely go out for them, because email and Skype are so efficient these days and cost nothing. I limit client meetings to twice every two weeks, because any more than that can add up to x amounts on gas, especially if I am meeting clients halfway across town.

It’s no wonder I totally dig being a work at home mom.

My husband works at home, too, and we’ve saved a lot of gas doing so. I hate traffic as much as my husband does, who does most of the driving. We know that it consumes more fuel when you’re stuck in traffic. For this reason, we avoid going out when possible, and especially not during heavy traffic time windows.

Want to know how to save on fuel? So do I.

I attended an event yesterday that I was really interested in: Shell‘s new Target One Million campaign. This new initiative aims to educate the everyday consumer about ways to save fuel, how to use fuel more efficiently, and ultimately save money. This 2012, the people behind Shell want to help everyday consumers get the most out of their fuel. Shell has done this globally though a research that has culminated in the Shell Fuel Save Index, which dispenses information in a language and medium that the average Joe can understand, and eventually apply through simple lifestyle changes.

Did you know the RP leads in Asia in fuel consumption with 90 percent of drivers fueling up at least once a week, at an average Php1,200 each fuel-up? I’m among the 94% of Fils who see fuel efficiency as a way to save money. As a mom, I’d change the way we use fuel if it would save us more money for other family expenses — which is what 92% of Filipino drivers with families would do, too. In fact, we lead in Asia in the Shell Fuel Save Index’s top 5 Fuel Saving Tips.


My husband admits that when he and I started paying for our own car (and the gas we need), he’s drastically changed his fast driving habits — same as 56% of Filipino motorists who reduce speed in order to save gas. I’m glad my husband is a sensible guy when it comes to practical fuel saving: He goes for the right fuel for our car, makes sure our tires are the correct pressure, and ensures that we don’t fill our trunk with junk that can weigh our can down — all factors that lead to excess fuel consumption.

What would I do with the money I save on fuel?

  • Buy shoes. (Hey, I’m a momma with her own moolah: No explanation needed.)
  • Put the money into savings. We want to eventually buy a home of our own.
  • Diligently build up our savings plan for our kids, starting with Vito.
  • Get Lasik eye surgery.
  • Take my family on the vacation of our dreams.

As a wife and mom who works, too, I have equal say in how we manage the household finances. Each expense affects another, especially since our child’s future is a big consideration. Savings are always welcome, because we can put them towards other expenses.

Introducing: Shell Fuel Save Target 1 Million Website

If you would like to find out how you as a family can save on fuel, log on to By January 2013, Shell hopes to have educated at least one million Filipinos on these fuel saving practices through fun and interactive media. Here’s one of their games below, and the sign-up procedure for the website. Give it a try!



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  1. says

    Hi Martine! Thank you for gracing our event. We are glad to have mommies like you who share the same passion in fuel economy and savings in general. :) We look forward to working with you in similar initiatives. Thanks again and lovely to meet you! :)

    – Dang
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    • Martine says

      Hi, Dang! It was a great event, and I enjoyed it. Too bad I couldn’t make it for the Fuel Challenge — looks like my friends had a grand time! :)

  2. says

    I trust my husband when it comes to his driving and fuel-saving skills. And we use Shell’s Fuel Save too, unfortunately, with the increasing gas prices every week, we can’t really gauge the difference between their new formulation.

    We both work for the same company, so that’s a relief!
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    • Martine says

      Hi, Ria! Sorry to only be able to reply now. Yes, it was such a pleasure meeting you at the Shell event. Thanks for stopping by my blog, appreciate it!

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