5 Key Pieces Every Pregnant Woman Must Have

This is a guest post by model and mommy blogger, Jackie Go.

I am currently on my 7th month of pregnancy with my second baby and can I just say that dressing up while being pregnant has become a task more than it being my stress buster. But nonetheless I find joy every time someone compliments the way I look, especially when one finds my preggy look chic. So I’m sharing you all the five key pieces that I find essential for pregnant women. From these pieces, you can easily get to play around with it and incorporate your own style.

1. Dress

It is a staple for every woman. As for me, it can be a go-to outfit that never fails. Stick to polyester or jersey material, those that are stretchy so that it’ll allow your belly to grow comfortably.

Empire or baby doll dresses are the most flattering for pregnant women, as well as body fitting ones can really make a pregnant woman look good since it enhances the shape of your body particularly your belly without making you look bloated or heavy.

2. Leggings

Comfort above everything else should be considered especially when pregnant. You don’t want to make an effort to look good but feel uncomfortable in what you are wearing, that’ll take away the purpose of dressing up.

As far as pants go, I still wear my pre-pregnancy pants (at least some of them) and use belly belts to close and cover the gaps of my pants. But sometimes pants just won’t do, so I rely on my every trusty leggings. They’re lightweight and stretchable perfect for pregnant women.

3. Long Top

A pregnant woman should have at least one perfect long top to pair with leggings. Of course it has to be made from jersey or stretch cotton. Usually, boyfriend shirts are the best long tops one can have.


You can also pair it with shorts or jeans. Choose one that will compliment your upper torso by sticking to solid colors instead of printed ones. But I’ve recently discovered that I look really good in stripes when pregnant compared to when I’m not. I guess the illusion of the horizontal lines compliments my growing belly,

4. Blazer/Cardigan

A nice fitted blazer or a flowy stretchable cardigan is always an instant outfit maker. It serves double purpose as a cover up and at the same time as a statement piece. Bring a dull outfit to life by pairing it with a blazer.

5. Sandals

As much as I wanted to wear my favorite pair of sexy heels I just couldn’t. I feel so lousy and I find it difficult to walk in flats while pregnant so imagine more when I’m wearing heels! So to bring myself to enjoy wearing one, it has to be a nice comfortable pair of sandals. A pregnant woman must have a lovely pair of sandals that she can comfortably wear for the nine months of being high heels free. Choose one that can easily be paired with from leggings to dresses.

Remember that you shouldn’t be afraid to look good despite being pregnant. Experiment and try on different clothes. You’ll be surprised at what fits and what suits you when you’re pregnant, and no it doesn’t have to be maternity clothes.

Jackie Go is a professional TV Commercial model, a wife and a mother to her two year old daughter and currently pregnant to a baby boy. She is the one behind the lifestyle blog Go! Jackie Go that serves as an outlet to share tips about anything and everything she’s experienced first-hand.


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