Co-Sleeping Chaos: A Mothering Earthlings Confessional {Contest}

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Gear up, moms: It’s Dainty Mom’s turn to host a Mothering Earthlings Confessional — that fab giveaway sponsored by the always awesome Mothering Earthlings. Yay! *Clap hands in girlish glee*

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OK, let’s give some goodies away, shall we?

The Contest: What’s Your Co-Sleeping Style?

Co-sleeping is a lovely experience that keeps you close to your child, gives your child the security of waking up beside and is convenient for night time feeding.  But admit it, co-sleeping can be absolute chaos.  Your child may be in deep slumber but you and your husband … well that’s a whole different story.  Remember this diagram that was going around Facebook? 


In our family, we co-sleep to this day. Actually, we bed-share, in that Vito stays in the middle of our bed while we flank him on either side. Naturally, he is king. We’ve gone through a variety of co-sleeping positions, but the weirdest has to be when Vito ended up asleep on my side table. Yes! Curled up like a chincilla, atop my an 18 x 18-inch wicker table. It freaked me out, to say the least: He was just six months old. I have no idea how he managed to stay on top of it or how long he had been on the table. I’m just glad he didn’t fall onto the floor!

How about you? What’s the weirdest co-sleeping position or situation you’ve been in, as a family? I want to hear about it. On this Mothering Earthlings Confessional, tell me your co-sleeping story, and you could win these adorable prizes:

Awwwww… Aren’t they cute?

Here’s how you can take these cuties to bed with your little one!

  • This contest is only open to Philippine residents.
  • You must fulfill all contest requirements in order to qualify.


  1. Post a comment on this blog entry answering the question: What has been your weirdest co-sleeping position or situation?
  2. A winner will be chosen at random. I’ve decided to let my son, Vito, choose the winner. It’s always fun that way. I’ll notify you by email on how to claim your prize.
  3. The winner can pick from the designs/prints of the items available.
  4. Submission of answers is open from June 4 to 18, 2012, 11:59:59 PM.

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  1. Ria D. Laab says

    hmmm..I have posted three times and I have not seen my post…Anyway, trying it out again. :)

    Weirdest sleeping position of my baby? He sometimes sits up in the middle of the night. I wake up easily when he moves, so I noticed him right away. I thought he was awake, but he was still sleeping! sleep sitting! hahaha…I picked him up and tucked him back again. But he looked cute that way. :)

    When hubby is around he sleeps on the sofa bed on the floor. Our bed cannot fit the three of us because of the bed space is occupied by out little boy.

  2. says

    We’re pretty chaotic these days as well since we’re co-sleeping with two kids, one a toddler and one a 6-month old! My toddler usually does the neck scarf and the roundhouse kick with his dad, who’s doing his best to protect me and our daughter. My kids sometimes even end up next to each other, but good thing my toddler has always been protective of his sister, and he has yet to hurt her even in sleep.
    Helene recently posted..Baby Chic BoutiqueMy Profile

  3. Aine Garcia says

    My little girl is always in the middle, she’s very malikot! Feet on our face, letter H, the neck scarf.. hahaha! Sometimes, it’s very creepy kasi nakaupo na pala sya! One time, Daddy was scared when he can’t find our little girl beside him, only to found out that she’s already at the edge where our feet was. Buti nalang we had our matress on the floor! And earlier, her kili-kili was in my face. 😀

  4. Cheng says

    oh wow, we can totally relate to the illustrations! except in our case, there are 2 babies instead of 1 :) our 2 boys are 14 months apart so just imagine the huge amount of space that both of them occupy in our bed every night! when bunso arrived, we placed a twin-sized bed beside our queen-sized bed, and everything was ok – space-wise. but now that our kuya is turning 2 and our bunso is 9mos (still breastfed!), putting them both to sleep is total chaos, and wala pa rin patawad kahit tulog na, super likot pa rin! kaya hubby and i end up on both ends of the beds, trying to avoid falling on the floor during our sleep! LOL :)

  5. says

    Funny, I put checkmarks in all 10 diagram. I would say “been there, done that”. My eldest was co-sleeping for 7 years and was “the prince” all the while, until the “the princess” came about a year ago. My husband and I decided to buy a double deck frame so “the prince” can have his own space up there (LOL!). However, history repeats itself with “the princess” who wants to be treated like a royalty and wanted a bigger space. It’s a big help though as I am still breastfeeding her until now. Midnight feeding is a real breeze for “the queen”. By the way, “the king” just settled to sleep in a pull out frame that’s hidden under the bed.

  6. Camille Jane Maglonzo says

    My two year old daughter Stephanie sleeps in different position.Sometimes her feet is in our face. most of the time she likes to sleep beside her favorite stuff toys.Her papa always complain about her feet always on his face.

  7. Istin says

    I have lots of co-sleeping moments with my kids, I usually call them “MANANAKOP” simply because when they are asleep, NANANAKOP sila ng puwesto ko sa kama. I always end up like a hotdog that is being squeezed by the hotdog buns. Last week was the recent chaotic co-sleep moment for me, I even posted the my evidence on my blog..
    I woke up with daughter’s foot on my face… >.<

  8. Danyelle Franciosa says

    I have no baby yet, she still in my womb and I am so excited to see her. I think all parents are co-sleeping with their kids when they are afraid of the thunder storm or even when they got sick.
    Danyelle Franciosa recently posted..Click here for bi-fold doors siteMy Profile

  9. says

    We are co-cleeping with our 23-month old son since his birth. When he was around 5 months, one night, nagising at nagulat ako why umuungol sya. Then I saw the elbow of my husband on his forehead. and that he couldn’t move kaya umuungol ang anak ko. Ginising ko agad si hubby and we laughed, haha. But after than I feared na baka madaganan sya but to this day anak ko na nangdadagan, hehe. Just this morning, I woke not seeing him in between us. Bigla akong bumangon at kinabahan. I saw him sa may paanan at nakadapa. Haha. :)
    Maye Domencil recently posted..Free Blogger Event: Busy Mama GiveawayMy Profile

  10. agnes dc says

    I remember when my son was 3 years old he used to sleep with us , the normal set up was he sleeps in the middle of the bed .mostly he occupies the half portion of the queen size bed. there was one midnight that i noticed i wasn’t squuezed up onto yhe sizekf the bed which is not normal hehe. I got up and so my two boys the son was already at the side corner of the bed and his feet were dangling, the daddy nman was siting on the floor on the other side of the bed placing his head with arms folded on the matress.. they were both snoring that time. it was funny, i should have taken the fone camera and took a photo that time.

    Agnes Dela Cruz

  11. says

    The pictures are so funny and I can very well relate to each one of them. LOL. We co-sleep too — me, my hubby and my two kids. At times I’d find myself trapped between my son and my daughter. Funniest was when I woke up and saw my son hugging her ate from her buttocks. I actually took a picture of it using my phone and it never fails to put a smile on my face whenever I am stressed out at work. But most of the time my husband gets evicted from the bed. He’d end up sleeping on the couch (a.k.a. The Dog House) . hahahah.
    Tyna Quimpo recently posted..Toddler’s Nook and Nursing Station at the Iloilo City AirportMy Profile

  12. says

    We co-sleep with TWO kiddos now, so I think we’ve all been in the weirdest positions possible at one time or another! Ha, ha! 😀 Probably though, the weirdest one would be the one where I ended up curled up like a ball in one teeny-tiny corner of the bed because not just two but THREE babies (the third being my BIGGEST baby of all, aka hubby! LOL!) had taken up most of the space! :)
    Truly Rich Mom recently posted..Truly Rich Tips: How to Communicate Effectively with School OfficialsMy Profile

  13. dale b. sy says

    With our Sam, she does 1 to 10 (or even more)…all in just 1 night…almost every night! Hahaha! She’s such a round-the -clock sleeper! Not that she sleeps long hours, but rather sleeps in clock positions! Really can’t stay where you initially put her to sleep. But there’s one time, she was in the same position (yes, what’s weird for us is that she stay put haha) as we tucked her in. But that time, sitting, back against the headboard, head tilted on the side, chubby cheek pressed against her shoulder, which was already shiny because of her baby drool! Hubby found it funny, but of course the mom in me pitied her coz she looked like a tired adult who can sleep anywhere sitting. But whenever we remember those moments, we both can’t help but smile and giggle :)

  14. says

    Ako kwento lang. I have no idea how but one madaling araw, I woke up and couldn’t find Anika on our bed! I searched the floor… WALA! Akala ko hihimatayin na ako. And then I saw a pair of feet peeking out from under the table. Andun, tulog, sa ilalim ng bed namin. How she got there?! I also don’t know how! Hahaha!

  15. says

    That diagram is just so hilarious! :) We can all relate to those positions! But as for our family, the funniest would be that morning (after a night of Ninja kicks) when we woke up and found Lyndel at the foot of our mattress (we don’t have bed frame yet) snoring, his lower body on the floor while he used our mattress as a pillow. It was such a funny sight but of course, I immediately picked him up and placed him on his “proper” place on the bed! :)

  16. Precious Quintos says

    haha. Vito/Baby ending up on the side table would freak me out too. Luckily, our queen size mattress is enclosed with 3 sides of our walls (see very small bedroom) so no side tables whatsoever. Only me and my little baby sleeps there (OFW Husband). But I always end up on the floor coz the baby is too “bossy” she wants everything for herself. Talk about “dog house”.
    And now husband is back, I experience the “booby trap”. I always end up out of the bed coz the hubby and baby loves to move and take all the space of the bed. may pinagmanahan talaga. :)
    I just remembered, during baby’s first month (hubby was present), we have this sleep positioner for baby. So the baby is elevated and protected by cushions on both sides. We really bought the one from Uratex coz it’s the biggest sleep positioner we could ever find. we thought that the baby will be protected from us when we co-sleep. i was afraid we might squeeze the tiny baby when we are sleeping. one night i woke up coz the baby was crying. I didn’t check the baby right away coz it was “daddy’s duty” that night. But the husband, who is a very deep sleeper and big fan of hugging, ended up all over the baby. The baby was already crying very loud coz i think she couldn’t breathe or move anymore. but the daddy just won’t wake up. From then on, I never let the baby sleep beside daddy.

  17. christine batiller says

    I still can’t move on seeing those pictures again. It makes me laugh all the way because I can see myself in those pictures. I remember being in all the sleeping position when my son was still a baby. But now that he is already a toddler, his usual sleeping position is the H is for Hell. It was very difficult because I can’t move and when I wake up in the morning my hips hurt. But the hurt subsides when i look at my son’s face sleeping very soundly.

  18. says

    My daughter is almost two and we still don’t have a bed frame so we just add another mattress beside the main mattress so three of us could fit. The blocking usually is the wall, my daughter, I, then my husband on the smaller mattress. What scared me though is that last month when she got fever, she was really fussy and she bumped her head on the floor while tossing and turning. She managed to actually go past me and the big pillows without me noticing. The other night, we found our daughter went past my husband, with her feet on the floor already, sound asleep!
    em alcantara recently posted..The rain made me sadMy Profile

  19. says

    Definitely “Snow Angels” every night! Ang gulo niya, promise! While sleeping, she would sit, turn and “dive” like a drunk baby! :-) Every night is different, sometimes my face and feet, my face with her butt, or my favorite, face to face. There are occasional kicks and slaps but it’s all good :-) We love sharing the bed with Julia. The giggles, cuddles and laughs when we wake up in the morning is the best part of my day.
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