My Real Mom Moments with Mommy Matters {Contest}

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Clothes and nursing. These days, it’s become so chic, even fashionable, to be a nursing mom! In fact, one of my aunts mentioned, not long ago, that it’s so much fun to be pregnant or breastfeeding today because there are so many stylish maternity and nursing clothes that were not available “back in the day.” Innovative companies like Mommy Matters know this, and have this as the driving force behind their brand. Because real moms wear real clothes, Mommy Matters took this to heart and launched a campaign for their new collection that really resonated with real, authentic motherhood. I am both blessed and humbled to be one of the “real moms” in the brand’s recently rolled-out campaign, featuring some fellow mommy bloggers.

Let me share with you some of my “real mom” moments as a work at home mom, with Mommy Matters.

As a work at home mom, you’d think I do everything from my desk at home. Well, I do, 90 percent of the time. But once or twice a month, I go out and meet current or potential clients. When I do, I need to still look presentable and professional! Mommy Matters has helped me do this, My favorite top is this blue asymmetric ruffled blouse. It’s the top I’ve worn the most out of all the Mommy Matters pieces I own. The photo above was taken on a shopping quest for new shoes! I needed a pair that I could wear for meetings with clients, and yes, that’s the pair I’m trying on there. At the time, my son was still nursing, so the top proved very convenient during shopping trips like this! (He’d actually only nurse in the car, between destinations.)

Mommy Matters

Now this was during the Mommy Matters segment of the Lifestyle Network’s mother’s day event last May 13 in TriNoMa Mall. The moms of the #RealMom campaign “modeled” some Mommy Matters pieces. I’m wearing the yellow version of the asymmetric ruffled top, which stylist Vanessa Ordinario paired with a lovely skirt with lace accent and some accessories. This look is actually something I’ve mimicked during one of my occasional “face to face” client meetings. (Thanks for the tips, Vanessa!)

Mommy Matters

This was taken just this weekend, when our family hied off to Tagaytay for some R&R. I’m no longer nursing here, and yet I’m still able to use the Mommy Matters shirred cowl sleeveless blouse. I love this top because it’s got a shirred sides and a front support, which keeps my little tummy pooch hidden! (Yup, I’ve still got a little potato pooch post-baby. Real moms, yo.) I’ve also worn this to meetings; it looks great with a pencil skirt and high heels, too.

I have several other Mommy Matters tops, too:

Mommy Matters Fit at Home

Here’s what I was able to bag from the Mommy Matters Fit-at-Home shopping service (which I will blog about very soon — a great service, I tell you.) Yes, that’s my work station behind. I was shopping at home while working. Can’t get any better than that, right?

Contest Alert: Win Php2,000 in Mommy Matters Gift Certificates!

Mommy Matters is giving away Php2,000 worth of gift certificates to one lucky mom! All you have to do is tell us: What’s your real mom statement? What is one thing you truly believe in when it comes to being a mom — and how would you put that into words? Here’s my own real mom statement, as an example:

I’m a first time mom, so that statement means something to me. When I was figuring out my steps as a new mom, I hadn’t the faintest idea what I was doing. No book or website reading could have prepared me for motherhood! Today, I’m still in that place of “I don’t know” when it comes to being a mom. As fast as my son grows and changes, so does my concept of being a mom. Today, it’s all about making sure that he’s happy, nurtured, understood and loved. I can try my best to feed him right, bring him up healthy, or raise him up according to my beliefs. But I can’t do it all; I can’t be an alpha mom, even a beta mom. I just have to be me.

What’s your real mom statement? Join the contest now, and tell Mommy Matters, on their new Real Mom App on Facebook: 


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