Mom Tips: 5 Nursing Bra Myths Moms Ought to Know {Guest Post}

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The following is a guest post by Cindy Prosser, a fellow freelance mom writer whom I touched base with last year, and we began discussing–of all things–the dilemmas of finding the right undergarments. Cindy works for an awesome company that manufactures nursing bras, and wanted to share some common myths that revolve around choosing the right undergarments. Have you heard any of these myths — or believed them?

Choosing a nursing bra can be a daunting task, especially if you’re a soon-to-be new mom and just don’t know what to look for. One of the keys to finding the right nursing bra is not only comfort, but health as well.

OK, you’re probably thinking, “It’s just a bra. How could it affect my health?” An ill-fitting bra is not only bad for your back, but it can also plug milk ducts and make you more vulnerable to an infection. We don’t mean this to be a scary thing – we just want to help you find the right bra for after the baby is born.

To do that, we’ve outlined the top myths about choosing a nursing bra – and why you shouldn’t pay attention to them:

Myth #1: Underwire nursing bras will make me more prone to infection.

We’re not sure how this rumor got started, but it’s just simply not true. An underwire bra that fits properly can be just as comfortable for you as any other – without negatively effecting your health. A great underwire should completely encircle your breast and reach to underneath your arm. This way, it gives you great support without pressing directly on your breast.

Most infections are caused by not the style of bra, but the improper fit. According to experts, nearly 80 percent of women wear the wrong size nursing bra.

Myth #2: A maternity bra and nursing bra is the same thing, so I can get away with just buying one.

Actually, a nursing bra and maternity bra are very different and you should make sure you have at least one or two of each. Many moms even recommend having three – one to wear when the other is in the laundry, and a third one just in case.

A maternity bra is also known as a pre-natal bra and is worn before the baby is born. A good one has stretchy cups so it can adjust and grow as your body does. A nursing bra, on the other hand, should be worn after the baby is born and features cups that drop down so you can easily nurse. The cups are usually secured with snaps, hooks, or sometimes even zippers, and provide the support you need while still being comfortable.

Myth #3: All latches are made the same.

Believe it or not, the smallest part of a nursing bra is actually one of the most important features. Latches come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s important you decide what’s the most convenient and comfortable for you. Ideally, you’ll be able to unhook the cup with one hand because you’ll have a hungry baby in the other. If you’re not sure which works best for you, practice in the dressing room.

Myth #4: My body will grow during the last weeks of the pregnancy, so I should buy a loose band.

Although it’s true that your body will grow, you should make sure you buy a bra with a proper fitting band, as it’s responsible for 90 percent of the support to your breasts. A band that’s too loose will ride up in the back and can even climb up on the breast tissue, which can cause blockages. A bra that fits properly will fit snugly and comfortably below your breasts.

Myth #5: I can just go to a nearby department store to get measured.

While this is true when you’re shopping for your normal, everyday bra, you shouldn’t choose just any department store to measure you for a nursing bra. Check with local maternity stores or your delivery center that can recommend someone who is certified. This will help ensure you get a properly fitted bra and are comfortable in it throughout the day.

When searching for the perfect-fitting nursing bra, keep these tips in mind. They’ll help you stay comfortable and healthy when your new bundle of joy arrives.

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About the Author: Cindy Prosser modeled underwear until the baby… now she’s a freelance writer and full time mom. When not glamorously overdressing for grocery store visits, she stays busy writing about bras from Bare Necessities, a company that makes quality nursing bras and other intimate apparel for women


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    After 3 kids, I learned all these things the hard way! I agree on all points Cindy made about nursing bras! Also, not all nursing bras are made equal. Basically, I learned is that you get what you pay for! I have one maternity bra that has taken me through 3 nursing kids in a span of 5 years, where others have failed! A good nursing bra will and should last many years!
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