Potty Training and the Work at Home Mom {and a D-Nee Detergent Review}

Dee Nee
We started potty training Vito when he turned two years old. Well, the first few months weren’t successful; he refused to wear little briefs, and would insist “diaper, please” each time we’d try to put undies on him. We continued our “alternate” system of disposables-cloth nappies until early this 2012, when we took him out to Mothercare to buy some undies. We were able to convince him that briefs were the next best thing in his life, thanks to this book that we stumbled upon a book in Fully Booked:

Dee Nee

Now, potty training a toddler while working from home is something that I see as quite of an achievement on my part. For one, I hate messes. Two, I have to be alert when Vito tells me he feels like “making wee-wee” or “make poo-poo.” I’ve gotten used to broken work shifts because of this. In the beginning, Ton and I had ask Vito every few minutes if he felt like going to the look. As the months have gone by, Vito’s been able to communicate more clearly when he needs to “go.”

It seems like such a coincidence to be writing about this right now, since just a few minutes ago, I was cleaning up my son. He’d decided to crap in his briefs, on his booster chair, while we were having lunch. He gave me a puzzled look, showed me his hand covered in a mysterious goop and said, “Mommy, clean up Vito!”

Oy vey.

I had clean up the poop, the briefs, and the boy, and take the booster seat out back for a wash down. Even though I’ve been dealing with poop every day since this kid was a baby, it’s still a gross, un-dainty job to clean up a poopy kid. Now, Vito seems to like changing briefs as often as he can! He calls his little assortment of undies “rainbow” because they come in different colors. Here are a few of them, which he arranged neatly into colors:

Dee Nee

What’s really helped me in clean-ups and wash-ups these past few months is D-Nee, a line of baby-friendly laundry and liquid detergent products. The good people behind D-Nee sent me a few of their products to try, all of which found a specific use in our household. (Thanks to My Mom-Friday, by the way, for making this possible!) I’d like to talk about the liquid detergent, in particular, since it’s been a great aid to our potty-training escapades here at home.

Dee Nee

What I liked about the D-Nee laundry detergent (as well as their other variants in the product line) is that they have been tested and certified by laboratories to be safe for infants and children, as well as irritation-free. This is important to me, since I do suffer from sporadic attacks of dermatitis of the hands. And since I’m doing the washing of the delicates at home, this is a big concern for me.

Here’s a close-up of the laundry detergent. As you can see, it’s completely clear. That’s because there are no dyes or bleaching agents.



This detergent is great for washing undies, like Vito’s. I even use it to wash some of my “handwash only” clothing items. It rinses off pretty well, and yet leaves a sweet, light fragrance that it leaves on the clothes that isn’t overpowering. I mostly like the fact that the detergent is not harsh on my hands, although I always apply hand lotion every time after doing any kind of washing.

All in all, D-Nee has made my busy, potty-training-work-at-home days more pleasant!

Buy D-Nee for Your Home

D-Nee Liquid Detergent (as well as the D-Nee Liquid Dishwashing Cleanser) may be bought online at the D-nee Philippines Facebook PageYou may also purchase the products at the following establishments:

  • Baby & Beyond – P. Guevarra St., San Juan
  • Crossings Department Store – Quezon Ave., Quezon City
  • Landmark Department Store – Trinoma, Q.C., and  Makati City
  • Pioneer Centre, Pasig City
  • Royal Duty Free – Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Olongapo City
Disclosure: I received D-Nee products for purposes of a review. Don’t forget to “LIKE” D-Nee Baby on Facebook if you enjoyed this review. Thank you!


  1. says

    I agree that potty training is challenging. it’s even more challenging if you’re a working mom without a nanny. Andre and I are taking our time for now. I just watch out for his “poopy face’ then grab the potty and get him to sit on it. At times we’re successful but most of the time we’re not. hehehe. It sounded like D-Nee’s a good product. Do you use it to wash the cloth diapers too?
    Tyna Quimpo recently posted..The Day My Life Changed….ForeverMy Profile

  2. says

    I’m supposed to start potty training Breeze. Supposedly when she turned 2 last May. Then I decided to postpone it til Ate Raine started school. Raine’s been in school for a week now, and I haven’t started yet. :( I can’t remember how I did it with Raine. She was fully potty-trained before she turned 3, and before she was 3.5, she wasn’t wearing diapers even at night. I don’t remember it being this difficult (on my end I mean).
    Ree recently posted..Taco Salad–My Pseudo-Healthy Comfort FoodMy Profile

  3. says

    Potty training is really challenging, but it looks like Vito is making great progress! I remember those messy, I-wish-I-didn’t-have-to-clean-poop-off-from-the-floor-one-more-time-again-or-else-I’ll-scream days! (Or am I the only one who felt that way?! LOL!) Totally UN-DAINTY! 😀

    We tried using the Potty Train book and VCD set, too, (which we got at Book Sale) and it worked well for both kids. :) Have you tried getting Vito to use a potty? Or are you using one of those toilet seat potty covers (or whatever they’re called!)

    D-Nee looks like a GREAT product to try, by the way! Been hearing about it a lot in the mommy blogosphere! :)
    Truly Rich Mom recently posted..Days of Grace: 6 Inspiring (& Useful!) Articles I Read RecentlyMy Profile

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