Vito Picks the Winner of the Mothering Earthlings Co-Sleeping Confessional

So, I got some pretty crazy stories during the Mothering Earthlings giveaway that concluded a few days ago. You guys had some hilarious anecdotes that I had to mention some of them here:

I always end up like a hotdog that is being squeezed by the hotdog buns. — Istin

I got up and so my two boys the son was already at the side corner of the bed and his feet were dangling, the daddy nman was siting on the floor on the other side of the bed placing his head with arms folded on the matress.. they were both snoring that time. — agnes dc

At times I’d find myself trapped between my son and my daughter. Funniest was when I woke up and saw my son hugging her ate from her buttocks. — Tyna Quimpo

Hahaha! Thank you all for sharing your stories.

I normally draw winners via Rafflecopter, but for this contest, I decided to get Vito involved. Since our daily routine involves playing with his Lego blocks, I multi-tasked on this one and got him to build a Lego tower with the contest participants names on certain blocks. A Sharpee, a little magic tape, and some cooperation from my little boy. This is how it played out.


I put all the contestants names on blocks. 


Vito likes to connect these single-block Lego pieces into “towers.” I just had him play along…


Whoever ends up on the top “block” wins the prizes from Mothering Earthlings! And the winner is…


Congratulations, Camille Maglonzo!

Here’s Camille’s entry:

My two year old daughter Stephanie sleeps in different position. Sometimes her feet is in our face. Most of the time she likes to sleep beside her favorite stuff toys. Her papa always complain about her feet always on his face.

Thanks for joining, Camille! (I’ll be contacting you about your prize.)


  1. Cheng says

    hi martine! what a creative way to choose the winner! can’t help but notice the picture frames in the background – may i pls know where you bought these? thanks :)

  2. Camille Jane Maglonzo says

    Thanks for winning in your promo.Very much appreciated.I’m so happy because I will be giving birth soon to a baby boy.The prizes are so cute.I will use it to my baby..more power! God bless!

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