I realize that I’ve never really shared on this blog about how much I love books, or reading, in general. Well, I love books. One of my goals in life is to one day write a book, but I don’t think I’m ready just yet. Perhaps I will get around to it one of these days, if I could just figure out what to write about. Until then, I’m immersing myself in loads of good books.

I make it a point to read the classics at least once every year. My standbys are my all-time favorites: Pride and Prejudice; Anne of Green Gables; Little Women; The Lord of the Rings (all three books, of course); A Tale of Two Cities. I also read the Bible, especially during my weekly times of reflection.

Lately, I’ve been catching up on books written by mom bloggers.

I divided them into two categories: The “nice” and the “naughty.” OK, I know, it sounds silly, but it makes sense to me. Here’s why.


 The “Nice” Pile

I’ve been reading these books over the past five or six weeks. I call them the “nice” books because they’re all feel-good, practical and inspiring. They’re also written by some of the nicest ladies online, the kind who make you **sigh** in contentment after reading a blog post.

Actually, I read The Happiness Project at the start of the year, but it’s the kind of book you want to read over once, and then go back to month by month. (Well, at least that’s how I’ve been reading it.)

The next book I started was The Essential Stay at Home Mom Manual, which I reviewed here. Written by mom blogger Shannon (who has since become an online friend — hi, Shannon!), this book is a must-read for moms who want to find their bliss at home.

I started reading The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels and Tractor Wheels, around May. It was the perfect summer read! Penned by one of my favorite bloggers, Ree Drummond, it’s a pretty good account of her 180 degree turn from full-fledged city girl to certified country girl. Actually, if you’ve been following her blog for some time, you’ll be familiar with the flow of the story. I did find it a bit long, though! Still, in small helpings every other day, it kept me entertained. (Maybe I’ll enjoy her cookbook more.)

I’m currently reading Mom, Incorporatedwhich was co-written by another one of my fave bloggers, the Extraordinary Mommy herself, Danielle Smith. I just started it this week, and am currently on the chapter about freelance business… whew! There’s a lot of work that needs to be done, but I’m glad this book is answering a lot of my questions. (Now, to put the lessons into practice… that’s another thing!)

*The book “Better Late Than Early” isn’t by a blogger. It’s a homeschooling “Bible” though, and I’m reading it as part of my preparation for homeschooling Vito.

Weekend Finds 2

The “Naughty” Pile

Now, this is a pile I can’t wait to get started on! These aren’t really “naughty,” essentially. It’s just that the writing style of the moms in this pile is more, well, frank… direct… in your face. And I like that, because I’m, well, not the “in your face” type of mom at all. I don’t have the natural humor of Jill Smolker, which is why I think I’m going to enjoy Confessions of a Scary Mommy once I start reading it next week. (Yes, I have to schedule my book reading, or I’d never get anything done.) I admire women like Jill who are able to write with such honest humor and openness. It’s one of the reasons why I love her blog!

I’ve not yet opened the book Dear Daughter, by the “queen of mommy bloggers,” Dooce a.k.a Heather Armstrong. I’ll let you know once I do, because I’m sure there will be Kleenex involved.

The last two books are the “Babble.com” books I recently discovered on the shelves of Fully Booked in Eastwood Mall. I’m most curious about Instinctive Parenting by Babble’s Ada Calhoun. I consider myself a “by the book” type of mom sometimes, that I find it scary to spread my own wings and fly by my own set of rules as a mom. Prayer helps a lot, of course; however, I think I do need a kick in a pants every now and then to keep me in check as a parent. I don’t want to screw up on this parenting gigbut I know I will. (And I already have, many times.) Perhaps Mean Moms Rule will help put things into perspective for me, since I’m a “rules,” checklist, and to-do type of girl. (Is that a good thing? I wonder.)

What’s on your book shelf (or sidetable) these days? Got any good reads to share?