Mom’s Musings: A Creative Streak.

Vito has been scribbling non-stop since he got his first box of crayons on his 2nd birthday. Since then, we must have bought him every kind of Crayola crayon there is. We went from the “My First Crayons” variant, but he now prefers the standard type. We’ve drawn everything from his favorite animals, to the entire roster of Sesame StreetThe strangest thing I’ve drawn by far is Cookie Monster.

Lately during our morning play time, Vito’s been cajoling me to write down actual words, aside from the entire alphabet and the numbers up to 9. (He doesn’t like the number 10 for some reason!) Of course, he requests his favorite words: cow, sheep, horse, chicken, duck (Can you see what my son is currently fascinated with these days?) I have no idea how he came to love farm animals, but perhaps my habitual singing of Old Macdonald Had a Farm during “toothbrush time” has something to do with it.


At Cafe Momo, where I was “requested” to draw his favorite Sesame Street characters

My mom has photos of me scrawling Crayola pictures and doodles on my bedroom wall, when I was Vito’s age. I believe she was right to let me do so, because I was always drawing as a child, up to my high school days. My mom and dad are like that. They taught me and my brothers to never hold back on our passions and our creativity. (Vito hasn’t (yet) drawn on our home’s walls, but I am awaiting that fateful day because he has come quite close!) Right now, it’s just such an amazing thing to see my own fascinated by these little colored sticks, and I’m letting his appetite for learning take the lead right now.

To see him try to write and draw with his cute little hands and collection of colors reminds me that he is growing and learning faster than I ever expected him to. Soon, he’ll be scribbling words on his own (legibly, I hope), making sentences, and crafting his own stories and pictures, just like I did when I was a child. I only hope he remains fascinated, and that I never do anything to hinder his creative streak.

What amazes you about your child’s ability to learn?


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    My children love doing art and crafts, so much so that we tend to do something crafty every day. My husband is always baffled with the mess they make while creating (and the extra work it gives me to clean up each day), but I would never want to squash their creativeness! – and I love that their inspirations give me great posts to blog about too 😉
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    Hey nice drawing of the SS characters!!! My family loves drawing too!
    What’s always fascinating for me is when my kids use and apply what they see, hear, learn (from school, books, friends, even from watching TV!) in totally unexpected situations. It reflects what interests them and how they think 😉
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    I am a mom to 2 teenagers now so I miss their crayola-scribbling days. But since I still keep their works, I can get to remember those days when they were little ones & see the joy in their faces when they come up with their “masterpieces”.

  4. Hilda says

    My kids will draw and color anything and everything. Income tax papers, the couch, walls, floors, and even each other. This is why I only allow washable crayons and markers in the house. I stock up when they go on sale as they’re a little bit more than regular crayons but soooo worth it!

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