Easy Meal Pairings for Welch’s Grape Juice

Thank you, Welch's Philippines

Yes, that’s a LOT of Welch’s grape juice. Thanks to the kind, passionate people of Welch’s Philippines for this bounty of grape juice (which has all their 100% grape juice variants)! 


I grew up drinking Welch’s grape juice. In our growing up years abroad, it was a familiar feature on our dining table. I remember it always being present during our Sunday brunches with the folks from church! At home, Mom would buy Welch’s in the big family size glass jar, which would only last us a few days.

Interestingly, Welch’s began as a family business by, who else, the Welches themselves. They produced the first bottles of unfermented wine for use at church during communion. Today, Welch’s is run by the National Cooperative Association, Inc. who acquired the company from the Welch family in 1952. What’s great about this cooperative association is that it comprises grape growers who have been tilling vineyards since the turn of the century, which are all family-owned.

Welch's is perfect with beef stew

I like pairing Welch’s with comfort foods, like my tomato-beef stew and mashed potatoes. Concord grape juice goes very well with red meats, and can aid in digestion. I figured it was similar to the effect of red wine, which I like to take with beef or lamb dishes. However, since I’m allergic to the tannins in red wine, this type of 100% grape juice is perfect for me when I’m having a lamb or beef dish.

I can take it as is, poured over ice. I love its rich taste, which is due mostly to the fact that it’s made from Concord grapes – the whole grape, including skin and the seeds! The Concord type of grape, in particular, contains polyphenols, which are naturally present in plants and function as antioxidants. These have many healthy benefits, and are incidentally similar to the kind of antioxidants you’ll find in red wine.

I also served it with my cheesy, beefy, totally heavenly lasagne, which we had a few weeks ago. (Here’s the single-serve travel size bottle) Welch’s is perfect with these types of rich, flavorful dishes! In fact, I’ve been serving Welch’s whenever we have these meaty meals, because I know it will help aid in digestion. (It’s also an excellent source of vitamin C — perfect for the rainy weather we’ve been having lately!)

Welch’s 100% Grape Juice is available in leading supermarkets nationwide. (I get mine in Landmark Trinoma.)


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