“Have a place for every thing, and keep every thing in its proper place.” – Charles A. Goodrich.

One of the things I find blissful as a work-at-homemaker is being able to fix up my home the way I want to. My husband can attest to this; in fact, he admits that it’s one of the reasons why he married me, because I like things neat and pretty. (I like to think of this as a compliment, as much as possible. Haha.)

So when the famous Howards Storage World home store opened in Manila, I was ecstatic! I just love organization supplies, you see. I get giddy every time I see organized closets and cupboards, and I enjoy perusing websites and shops that offer these types of organizing solutions. I can’t explain why, but I suppose there’s some scientific explanation, somewhere, for this elation. (I already know that I am weird. Just look at my Pinterest board dedicated to organizing.)

Here are a few shots of my home, to give you an insight on how I like things to be neat, tidy, and in their proper place.

Howards Storage World
My bathroom cabinet: I have a couple of acrylic cabinet caddies from Howards’ Storage World.

Howards Storage World

My son’s shirts, neatly lined, on white wooden hangers. Howards Storage World sells these in sets of 6 or 20.

Howards Storage WorldMy jewelry caddy. I like these acrylic containers because they’re stackable and I can see everything at a glance. I keep this in my dresser drawer.

Howards Storage World

Drawer dividers! These are great, because they’re adjustable in length. I’m using them here in my t-shirt drawer.

I also have some expanding shelf organizers and shelf extenders for my kitchen pantry, which were the first items I ever bought at Howards Storage World.

Howards Storage Worls
That step-shelf organizer keeps all my condiment bottles neatly lined, all at eye level. The ones on the right are shelf extenders, which you can set one on top of the other to “multiply” your shelf space instantly.

Simply organized

Howards Storage World is a popular home store that originated in Australia. It started off as a small organizing solutions store called “Stack and Store,” which was owned and managed by a husband and wife, the Howards, naturally. Today, Howards Storage World franchises all over the world, including the Philippines, where it now has three locations: Robinsons Place Ermita, Edsa Shangri-La Mall, and soon, in Greenbelt 5, Makati.

Of particular interest to me are the wardrobe and closet solutions. If you’re a homemaker you’ll know that our closets are often the last things we think about when keeping our homes. Our common areas may appear organized, but what really goes on behind the closed doors of our cupboards and cabinets? They can be scary places, indeed!

In our home, we have a total 20 square feet of cabinet space. That’s not a lot of space at all, so the only things we have in storage are our clothes, some of Vito’s unused toys, our bed and bath linens, and our Christmas decorations. We like to hold on to as little as possible, and only keep what’s absolutely essential. In doing so, we’re able to stay more organized because we have less stuff to deal with!

This idea of staying organized and having an efficient home is the Howards Storage World credo. When you work through the store, you’ll see that there are solutions for every room in your home.

  View the store’s online catalogue on www.hsw.com.ph

Here are some of my favorite products from the store, some of which I have in my own home – and others I’m hoping to install, one day!

Howards Storage World PH

These acrylic shoeboxes are great for walk-in closets. You can see your shoes at a glance, and stack the boxes up one after the other to save space.

Howards Storage World PH

These ELFA cabinet solutions are a familiar site. My mom had these installed in her house, so my closets growing up were always organized.
Howards Storage World PH
I need some of these for my cabinets in my own home, soon!

Howards Storage World PH

Adjustable, “fit to space” chrome shelving solutions called Easy Build. These are useful for utility and storage cabinets, and walk-in pantries.
Howards Storage World PH

A must-buy: Drawer dividers! I’ve got these in all my drawers. I love products that give me more space to work with!

Howards Storage World PHI love the in-store brand wooden hangers. They come in a variety of colors, but I prefer plain white. Buy them in packs of 20 for better overall value.
Howards Storage World PH

Hang-in-the-closet vertical space-savers. Ideal for people who don’t want to install built-in shelving systems. Affordable, too.

Howards Storage World PH

Grabbed a few of these for hubby’s and my office and desk supplies. They’re sleek and clean looking.


Want to have a more organized home? Then join my contest and get a chance to WIN Php10,000 of wardrobe organizing loot from Howards Storage World!

Howards Storage World

The Prize

Here’s what one lucky winner will receive:

  • 2 units of Space Bags
  • 2 units of Easi Store Underbed Shoe Box
  • Faux Feather Jewelry Tray (Large w/ Lid)
  • Allure Earring Organizer
  • 5 units of Stackable Bamboo Organizer
  • Handbag Holder
  • Over-Door 2-Hook
  • Flocked 20-pack Hanger (with bar) Value Pack
  • Diamond Drawer Organizer
  • 2 units Eva Trouser Rack 3-Pack
  • 5 units Thick Trouser Hanger 2-Pack (Chocolate)


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So… Want this wardrobe package? Here’s what you need to do!

Howards Storage World

**Contest is open to Philippine residents in Metro Manila only.** 

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Deadline of submissions

Deadline for entries is on August 1, 2012, 11:59 PM. No multiple entries please!

Selection of winner

Entries will be shortlisted by Dainty Mom, according to those who blogged some of the best reasons they deserve the Wow Your Wardrobe prize. Out of the shortlisted entries, a winner will be chosen by Howards Storage World Philippines. The winner will be notified on Facebook, both on Dainty Mom’s and on Howards Storage World Philippines’ fan pages. Winner must be able to pick up their prize from Howards Storage World Philippines.

Good luck to all! 

All photos by Martine de Luna. All the products in my home were bought by me, and not provided by HSW Philippines. 


This giveaway is brought to you by Howards Storage World Philippines. Branches are located in Edsa Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Robinsons Place Ermita and soon at Greenbelt 5. Visit www.hsw.com.ph for more information.