A Mom’s Bliss, Blogged.

Hello, there! It’s a new month, a turning of seasons — and a new look for the blog as well. 

It’s been a little over two years that I began blogging and working from home. Both aspects provided a good theme for my blog, as well as provided a direction for its look and design. I started writing about tips and tricks I’d learned in the two years I’ve been a work at home mom. Because of the blog, I met many women both online and offline, who have been blessed (somehow!) by the posts that have been published here. I was afforded with many opportunities to write for other people, other blogs, and even PR firms and businesses, because of this platform. And as with life, I also had my share of mistakes and booboos in blogging, too. Nevertheless, it’s been a good year.

As I begin a new editorial year, I will still be writing about working from home and being a WAHM. That’s my life, and it’s been a good life. It’s not without its troubles and problems, mind you. But blogging has also helped me get through it all, and that’s why I’m revamping, with a new look and new theme.

And so, this July I present to you, “Dainty Mom: A Mom’s Bliss, Blogged.” For me, “a mom’s bliss” means one key thing: That everything on this blog is about how I make a life that works for me.

I will continue to blog about…

  • my life’s ups and downs as a wife and mom (Please don’t let the pretty layout of the blog make you think I’m little Ms. Perfect — I am the queen of foibles, trust me!)
  • the things I like, find interest in, or am curious about;
  • the different aspects of my life that make up “me,” whether it’s about working (from home, in my case), indulging in “me” time, making a home, loving my husband and son.

It’s a blog about everything that matters to me. After all, blogging is and should be a place where you enjoy being you. There’s no right way to blog. There’s no correct way to be a work at home mom, working mom, or what-have-you kind of mom. But that’s why blogging is so wonderful because you are the only version of you out there. Whether you make your blog your playground, your platform, even your business, remember to blog because it makes you happy!

What’s your bliss? Tell me about it!


  1. says

    {Melinda} Love the new look. As a writer and work at home mom who is looking expand her writing opportunities, I really appreciate the encouragement your blog provides.

    My bliss is spending unexpectedly wonderful moments with my kids, connecting with my husband and writing about things I feel passionately about. :)
    Mothering From Scratch recently posted..I Will Never Be Enough. Thank God.My Profile

    • Martine says

      Hi, Melinda! Thanks so much for your kind words. For a time, the blog was becoming stressful, to be honest! I guess I had to balance out my work, get rid of the non-essentials and some baggage, so that I could grow more as a blogger and writer. :) I totally agree about your bliss — those are very much like mine, too!

  2. Niña Cabardo says

    Fabulous-looking blog site! Ive always loved your posts too :)
    Being a mom is just blissful, isn’t it? :)

  3. says

    Hello Martine! Love the new look and theme! You and your blog are such a great inspiration for me since I became a mom. You inspire me to put up my own mommy blog and think of ways to be a mompreneur while staying at home although I’ve got an 8-5 work-out-home job right now, I’m on the verge of conceptualizing some personal projects so I can be a SAHM again and momprenuer! And I’m so thrilled that you followed me on twitter! Thank you! I’m looking forward to meet you in person! How about a dainty mom WAHM mini seminar, please? :)
    Ella Torrico recently posted..Officially a Working MomMy Profile

    • Martine says

      Hi, Ella!
      You know, you’re on the same wavelength as I, because I have actually already been planning a WAHM seminar! I will launch it very soon. :) Heehee! And then we can all rally together as wonderful WAHMies– yay! Stay tuned.

    • Martine says

      Hi, Cym! I’m such a visual person that I need a makeover from time to time. Haha. But, you already have a good blog. It’s so valuable and full of insights, and I believe that’s a strong angle. I love that you brand it “Cymplified,” because it’s what makes your blog unique. Go for it! Sky’s the limit when you want to chase after your dreams 😉 If you want some great tips on mom blogging, I advise you follow momcomm.com. Melissa is amazing, and you will learn so much about how to craft a mom blog that works for you. Good luck!

  4. says

    OMG I love your new theme! hahahaha! =P

    What’s my bliss? Making things pretty and knowing that my clients love the work I do for them; being able to do what I love and get paid for it; and best of all, being able to stay home and take care of my kids while I work. =)
    Patricia recently posted..Freebie – July Desktop WallpaperMy Profile

    • Martine says

      PAAAAAAT! You’re the best designer ever, because you’re girly like me!
      Yes, I love what I do, too. Bliss is being able to stay at home, still working, but surrounded by family 24/7. Thank you, Lord!

  5. daffodil says

    Congratulations on the revamp! “There’s no correct way to be a work-at home mom…I love how you said that. Thank you, it made my day. =>

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