I just came from a blogging-entrepreneurship class earlier today, and realized a lot of things about myself as an online writer. I wrote this entry a couple of weeks ago, but I somehow couldn’t finish it. After today’s class, this post has finally been put into perspective, and I feel like I can now publish it. — Martine, July 13, 2012.

Has this happened to you: You know, when someone asks you what you do for a living, and you tell them “I’m a blogger,” or “I’m a work-at-home mom,” and they give you “the look.” This “look” looks something like this:

I’ve gotten that look many times: the widening of the eyes and raised brows that almost touch the edge of one’s scalp, beaming an expression that’s a cross between feigned politeness and slight disbelief. Many times, I’ve dreaded “the look,” mainly because I was tired of explaining to people what it is that I do “for a living.” During those times, I wasn’t ready to explain what I did all day, from home, on my laptop. Because making a living as a blogger — for many people — still warrants an explanation.

What is it exactly that do I do for a living, you ask? 

I am a freelance writer. As a writer, I often write about being a work at home mom, here on my blog. Because of the writing I do on this blog, I have also managed to:

  • write blog articles for other websites and blogs;
  • Tweet and I Facebook on my own social media accounts, as well as those of my clients, for a huge chunk of the day;
  • get hired by companies and small businesses to do variety of marketing copy;
  • edit and conceptualize digital and print publications,
… among other things. I’ve gotten freelance writing work because of my blog. Somehow, some people liked what they read on my blog and decided to ask me, “Well, now, why don’t you also write for my company?” And I have been doing so.

As a blogger and freelance writer, I’ve kind of become my own boss, too. I make my own rules, and I work according to what I want to prioritize. I’m actually physically busier than I ever, busier than when I was a teacher for seven years! The thing is, even though I’m busy freelancing and blogging, I still have more time to do the things I really want to do. I have more time with my family; I have time to keep house, to cook; I spend time on my advocacies, and I even to get some “me” time to spend for myself. I’m crafting the kind of  life I want to live and I get to blog about it.

Making my own definition of bliss through blogging

In the blogging class I attended today, our lecturer Anton Diaz spoke of the need to make our own definitions for ourselves as bloggers, as online history makers. Why? Because it’s when we really own what we do that we become truly passionate, truly driven to pursue the life we want to live.

And so, I’d like to be the first to say that, I, Martine de Luna, am a “work-at-homemaker.” A work-at-homemaker believes in creating a blissful experience while working from home. As a mother, I am empowered to make a living while making a home.

Don’t get me wrong. Life’s not perfect. My husband and I still rent. We are still paying for our car. We ponder about our kid’s schooling, and have our personal struggles as a family. As a freelance writer, I’ve made costly, horrible mistakes that almost ruined my business! And don’t talk to me about the money side of things: Being a freelancer, I never know when a client will stop hiring me for a job; I am never sure if next month’s earnings will tantamount to this month’s.

But, by God’s hand, I have always experienced goodness. There have been good people who have guided me, corrected me, and mentored me, despite my mistakes in blogging and in my freelancing. Our family has never lacked in food, clothing or shelter: We always have more than enough. God has been SO very good. 

Blogging has also been very good to me. It’s has helped me to connect with real, genuine people, not just clients. It’s helped me to work with a variety of small businesses, even big companies and advertisers. More than anything, it has helped me to define a lifestyle that I want to live. I want to keep on blogging, so that I can keep on freelancing… so that I can stay home, be a hands-on mom, be an active homemaker. I’ve never worked harder at something in my entire life. And I will continue to do so, slowly building up my online home to be a microcosm of life in my physical home: A place where work, “me” time, and the bits of my life meet. A place of bliss.

How about you? How do you define what you DO? Let’s talk about it.