So, here’s the deal. I’m one of five women bloggers vying for a chance to go on a Tuscan getaway. (Thank you, CalChews and the Lifestyle Network.) We’re each supposed to write about why we should be chosen as the lucky lady to go on this amazing trip. I am excited about this opportunity, but it’s taken me a while to finish this post. Why? Because I’ve got to give you all five reasons why I should be hopping on a plane to Italy! It’s a bit daunting; after all, I’m up against some of the most popular bloggers in the Philippines.

Still, I love a challenge. And I love writing about what I like; the blog is, after all, about “a mom’s bliss, blogged.”

And here’s my bliss… in five points.

1. I am ready for another journey.

My husband’s and my plan of going out of the country for our first anniversary never pushed through. That’s because something wonderful happened, just two months shy of that celebration: I was beginning a new journey. This journey wouldn’t take me out of the country, but it would take me on a new course in life, one of the best I’ve ever experienced. And even though my feet have been firmly planted here in Manila while I’ve been on this journey, I’ve been to more places and experiences than any trip around the world could give me.

The beginning of my journey as a mom

Since the start of this amazing journey known as motherhood, I’ve been on several adventures as a woman, wife and primary caregiver to my son. In the last two years and eight months, I’ve been able to care for, breastfeed (and wean!) and raise up a happy boy. As you know, one of my wishes before I turn 40 is to have another baby. But before that, I think I deserve my time alone, on a vacation away from my usual every day.

Isn’t it about time this momma picked up from where she left off?

2. I am a hopeless romantic.

Italy = romance. The word romance originated in Italy, after all. If I could escape to Italy — for any reason— I’d live out my girlishly giddy dream of diving into a romantic comedy of some sort. Knowing me, I’d pretend that I was Princess Ann from Willie Wyler’s 1953 classic (and my favorite Audrey Hepburn movie) Roman Holiday.

While I’m no princess, I’m the queen of my domain. As a work-at-home mom (and writer, at that), naturally, I’m home most of the time. And like Hepburn’s iconic heroine — who was cloistered by royal protocol— I’ve got a wanderlust, a desire to see and experiences things beyond my own little world. I just need the open door. (Or, in this case, a plane ticket.)

3. I’m a dreamer.

As a creative writer, I’m inclined to dream up scenes and stories in my head. As a mom, wife, and a woman, I too dream of several things. Of course, my foremost would be that my child(ren) grow up to be passionate, independent and successful individuals, and that my husband and I would be even more in love as we get older. I also dream of owning our own home, preferably a modest-sized house in a quiet neighborhood here in the city.

But, if I were to tell you about my out-of-this-world dreams, going to Italy would be on the top five of that list. Why?  Because I’ve dreamed of going here…

The world-famous vineyards in the Chianti wine country in Tuscany (Source)

of seeing this…

El Duomo in Florence. It’s been my dream to see this since I was a little girl!) Source

… and (silly girl that I am) pretending I was in a movie, like this…

Diane Lane as Frances Mayes in Under the Tuscan Sun. (Source)

“Unthinkably good things can happen late in the game. It’s such a surprise.” — Frances Mayes (played by Diane Lane, Under the Tuscan Sun)

I love surprises. And for me, a trip like this would be a most pleasant, unexpected one.

4. I want a stamp on my passport that says “Italy” on it.

(By now, you should have picked up that I’m a rom-com type of movie girl.)

It’s as simple as that. Yes, like Lucy Moderatz in While You Were Sleeping: I want a stamp in my passport that says “Italy” on it. I love how she held on to that dream, especially when all the complications in her life started to unravel. Well, in the end, she got her passport stamped… and her life changed for good.

“Life doesn’t always turn out the way you expect it.” — Sandra Bullock, from While You Were Sleeping (Source)

I’ve gotten the “wife,” “mom” and “work at home mom” stamps in my passport called life. Don’t get me wrong: I love my life. As a work-at-home mom, I’ve got it good. I’m with my family 24/7; I get to stay at home, my favorite place to be; I get dibs on when to work and when to stop working. However, because I’m a romantic— shamelessly, hopelessly so— and I still dream of traveling, of engaging in adventures. I still want my silly, romantic aspirations to come true.

5. I don’t stop at something until I get what I want.

I’ve no claims about being the most deserving or the best among the women who are participating in this blogging challenge. But I know when I want something, and so, I won’t be shy with you: I want to win this trip. I mean, just look at my picture below. Doesn’t it just scream, “Pick ME to go to Italy! Pretty please?”

I’m a ham, didn’t I tell you? Please, CalChews me!

Going abroad on an Italian adventure and checking off one more item on my bucket list would be the perfect combination of this homebodied mom’s dream come true… just like a sweet and chewy piece of CalChews chewable calcium: A combination of everything that’s good for your bones, body and heart, in a dainty and rich candy chew.

As I sit here typing up the conclusion to this post, I’m nibbling on my second CalChews for the day. (I recommend the caramel. Yum! What’s great is that I get to eat two a day, for my daily calcium needs.) I just had a busy day: a morning on a storytelling drive for public school kids;  mid-morning doing grocery runs, and prepping lunch for my family, and now, an afternoon of working and writing. I need a bit of bone-strengthening, immune-boosting, heart-healthy goodness! And as much as I’ll need CalChews as my daily companion on this wish-upon-a-star-chance of a Tuscan adventure, I’ll also need it as I go through my day-to-day as a busy mom.

Whatever happens — whether I’m on a plane to Italy in a few weeks, or I stay here, happily continuing my life as a happy WAHM (work at home mom) — I’ll have sweet companions to get me through it all: CalChews, and my stash of dreams.

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