Sweet Endings to Stressful Days

It’s been a pretty crazy week. Events, meetings around town, and the other et ceteras of my life. I was also drowning in paperwork for an important upcoming event, which caused my stress levels to go through the roof. The crazy weather was no help at all, especially since we were car-less for most of the week. By Thursday, I was tired and grumpy, to say the least.

Well, enough of the rants. I don’t like to spend much time ranting; it’s so tiring to be a b*itch. I’m just glad I was able to enjoy a free day yesterday with family, whom I had not seen much of this week. It was a sweet end to a stressful week.

We were also able to stop by the new Chez Karine bakery in Serendra, which I’ve been hearing about here and here. The place was as cute as I expected it to be, as was the Royal Pudding that everyone has been gabbing about lately. And so, I took it upon myself to have two bottles.

Like I said: I had a stressful week.

Chez Karine

The yummy vanilla pudding. The tiny dots of vanilla make me giddy.

OK, so I  tad pricey (at Php100.00 a bottle). Let’s just say its cuteness justifies the Php100, at least if you’re like me. You’d pay for a good back massage if it made you happy, so why not indulge in a bottle of sweetness, even if what you’re paying for the feeling of sheer giddiness?

Chez Karine

Have a happy weekend, you all.


  1. says

    i also do the same for stressful days, a simple joy in a bottle,in a milk tea, in a cupcake and not to mention happy quotes as well and it always does the magic :) cheers to “after a stressful day” a rainbow still comes out.

  2. Hilda says

    Thank you for finding the time in your crazy week to help me. Jenn starts today! Yay! Stay safe and dry!

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