It’s a Wonderful World with Wonderworld Toys! {Giveaway}

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My newest sponsor on Dainty Mom is the delightful Wonderworld toy company, creator of eco-friendly and developmentally-appropriate wooden toys for babies and young children. I’m so happy that my family already loves their toys, and that through this partnership, I’m learning more about their unique mission as a purveyor of high-quality toys.

Wonderworld Toys

My son, Vito, is like me: He likes to organize, stack and pile stuff up. In fact, one of Vito’s favorite toys are these Wonderworld Stacking Town blocks, which we discovered in 5 Corners Home Store a couple of months ago. He wouldn’t stop playing with them in the showroom, so we decided to buy them. Since then, he’s been fascinated with them.

Wonderworld Toys

Wonderworld Toys

Toys for every life stage

You’ll know a toy is developmentally-appropriate when the kid playing with it finds joy and, yes, wonder, at the toy’s possibilities and potential. This is what Wonderworld Toys understands. With toys to accompany the different milestones in a child’s growth and development, Wonderworld aims to create toys that teach, engage, and bring out a child’s natural curiosity. What’s more, they’re an award-winning brand, a trusted name for over 25 years, and fully-compliant with European safety standards for toys.

Wonderworld toys are designed with a child’s specific life stage, educational need and play concerns in mind. From the psycho motor development stage of a baby’s first 12 months, to the pre-school years (where divergent toys help kids make connections between early learning concepts), Wonderworld has toys that will not only help equip a child, but will also keep playtime fun, engaging, and colorful!

raffy+oliDuring the infant years (0 to 12 months), babies do best with toys that stimulate their senses and pique their curiosity. 


At the early preschool stage (between 18 months and 3 years old), children are naturally curious about how things work; they begin to have longer attention spans, and they are able to manipulate and experiment with toys. At this age, children appreciate toys that allow them to do these things, such as puzzles, sorters, sequencing materials and the like.

WW-4509 wonder shop+children

 Sets, such as this Wonder Shop fruit stand, allow preschoolers to make connections between real life and play. Through imaginative play, children can learn a variety of social, language and communication skills.

Wonder Glow Blocks: A mini review

Now that he’s approaching 3 years of age, Vito is fast approaching the pre-school stage. We have casual, unstructured learning activities that have become a part of his routine: Reading; coloring and drawing (I draw, he scribbles and dictates what I should draw!); playing with blocks, puzzles, and Lego. Lately, he’s been into building little houses and buildings. One of the toys that have him engaged are blocks, and so when Wonderworld sent over a set of Wonder Glow Blocks to review, Vito took to them immediately.

Wonderworld Toys

The Wonder Glow blocks are multi-colored. I love that there are no two pieces that are exactly alike in design! Vito spent almost an entire morning playing with them, after his usual “crayon time.” Here he is building a  “farm” for his collection of miniature barn animals.

Wonderworld ToysHe didn’t end up making the “barn,” though. Instead, he opted to make a “wall” along the circumference of our dining table. (I just love how his mind works. I wonder what he meant the “wall” for, though. He just seemed to enjoy being able to take his creations apart as needed. )

Wonderworld Toys

Each set of Wonder Glow Blocks has 30 individual pieces that allow for Innovative glow in the dark blocks. Play with them during the day or in normal light to see one pattern; in the dark, you should be able to see another pattern on each block. Unfortunately, Vito wasn’t interested in playing with the blocks at night, since his routine during the evenings is a story before bed!

The Wonder Glow Blocks — as with all the other toy sets by Wonderworld — are made with replenishable materials: rubberwood, tree sap, extracted pigment from leaves. (According their official global website, Wonderworld’s Tree Plus Program plants 2 trees for every one that is used in production of their toys.)

Giveaway: Win a Wonder Glow Block Set from Wonderworld!

Wonderworld Toys
Wonderworld Toys
Wonderworld is giving away a set of Wonder Glow Blocks for a lucky winner! Just join via Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: Dainty Mom was provided with a set of Wonder Glow Blocks for purposes of a review. This giveaway is brought to you by Wonderworld Toys. Wonderworld is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Baby Depot, Inc. It is also available in selected toy stores in Metro Manila, such as Hobbes and Landes, Babyland, Baby Co., Numa, Toytown, Mindwerx, and 5 Corners. For inquiries, contact (+632) 7033468, 0923-8978918 or Visit or their Facebook page (Wonderworld Toys Philippines) to order online and view the different products.


  1. April Rose Lucero Bautista says

    I have a boy who is almost two and who is so active! he will definitely enjoy playing with the Wonder Glow Blocks as this would allow him to concentrate and learn.

  2. Rhea Tavita-Chang says

    I would love to win the Wonder Glow Blocks for my two daughters. I believe that this toy is a great addition to their usual toys. This would definitely stimulate their curious minds and imagination. A simple toy but very educational. Blocks of different sizes, designs, and colors are very pleasing to the eyes, youngsters will surely enjoy playing w/ it often.

  3. karen says

    i have two children who are growing up fast and everyday with them is a source of joy and wonder for me. I’ve been a preschool teacher, a high school teacher and now a grade school teacher and i know how every second of learning counts! this wonder glow block set is just the right toy for my babies as it’s the right combination of fun and learning.
    thank you much for this opportunity to win one 😉

  4. Joyce Lara-Tioleco says

    My son, who is a year and 9 months old, and I are crazy over wooden toys! The Wonder Grow Blocks Set would be a great addition to our growing collection of wooden toys, which, to date, include a train set, pull-up puppy, rocking horse, abacus, and several cars.

  5. says

    I would love to win the Wonder Glow Block Set for my almost 2 year old son. I really believe in the benefits of hands on play most especially with blocks as it develops so many skills. My 2 older children had toy blocks and loved to play with them and I’m sure they’ll enjoy teaching their little brother the benefits of such a classic toy. The glow in the blocks is a great added feature. :)
    Louisa recently posted..The 33rd Manila International Book FairMy Profile

  6. says

    i’d like to win wonder glow blocks for my child because i know that these are not only toys to keep him preoccupied, but these are designed to develop his creativity and stimulate his imagination. i also want to instill in him the value of using eco-friendly materials. the wonder glow blocks are just perfect for him.
    jay arcy recently posted..Branded RiceMy Profile

  7. Maria Elma D. Sy says

    I would love to win Wonder Glow Blocks for my self because it reminds me of my childhood memories creating something of it and of course for my children ages my eldest son 8, my special child daughter 7, and my twoterrific younger daughter enable them to explore there talents, skills, and focus..of manipulating WONDER GLOW BLOCKSSSSSS….

  8. says

    I’d love to win the Wonder Glow Blocks for my son because I know these toys are going to help him develop his motor skills and his mental abilities. Plus, it’s eco-friendly so I’m helping the environment in a way.
    Mae recently posted..I Want a Neater HomeMy Profile

  9. rosette says

    i want to win the wonder glow blocks for my kids because they love playing with puzzles and blocks. i love these kind of toys because they make learning fun. they turn an ordinary playtime to a creative one.

  10. Ricci says

    My 3 year old loves anything that has to do with building and knocking down. she already has the big Duplo lego, but I think Wooden blocks are so much better. These will help her use her imagination and creativity even more.

  11. says

    I want to win because I want the best for my children – and eco-friendly, imaginative, and educational toys are definitely the best for them!

  12. says

    This will be the best birthday gift to Alyssa Ashley (1 year old). It will be another way of having a bondine moment aside from fun reading sessions.
    It makes me smile whenever I see her sitting on her big brother, Allen Hale (9 years old) lap while he is reading her favorite book. I hope this special bond between them will last a lifetime and Wondertoys will make it come true.

    Please pick Ley-Ley and Boo-Boo :)
    Michelle Namilit recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

  13. Elinor Semira says

    I want to win the Wonder Glow Blocks for my child because I would like her to have an educational toy that is safe and also encourage imagination. :)

  14. says

    Toy blocks are essential in every child’s development phase. I would like to win the Wonder Glow Blocks for my little girl to enhance and stimulate more her skills, creativity, and improve her eye-hand coordination. This will be of great benefit to her intellect as she grows. Thanks Dainty Mom for the feature.
    Aisa Villapando recently posted..Smart Parenting… Smart MomsMy Profile

  15. anna mogueis says

    I would love to win this for my daughter. Why? 1. To stimulate her imagination by building things by herself. 2. She loves building and tinkering. 3. It’s environmentally & baby safe! =)

  16. Mayla Lagrimas says

    I want to win this for my son to develop more of his skills, patience, concentration,and creativity, he love’s solving puzzles, maze and building blocks…I like this because it’s a wooden toy and very safe for my son best of all he’s gonna love this he can play this even in the dark, my son love to play with his flashlight.. Wonder Glow Block sure my son will love this!

  17. Zendie says

    I want to win Wonder Glow Blocks for my toddlers because open-ended toys like blocks would help them develop their imagination & creativity. :)

  18. says

    I want to win this for our daughter Sophia because numerous studies have affirmed that wooden toys helps in the development of minds of kids more because of the additional sensory stimulation. Our Sophie, having been diagnosed with developmental delays, needs all the stimulation she can get to have those neurons of hers start working — Wonder Glow Blocks is a perfect toy for her!
    Vanenie recently posted..Eats a Date: Papa John’sMy Profile

  19. Marissa Monton-Tupino says

    I would love to win this for my baby because this toy is not just for fun but also very educational and mind-stimulating…the kind of stuff I want my kid to play with :)

  20. says

    i want to win this for my preschooler because she is currently fascinated with building things and these blocks would make things more interesting for her. I’m sure she’ll get more creative and inspired when she gets her hand on these blocks! :)
    Faye recently posted.."Rain Makes Me Sad"My Profile

  21. Cheddy says

    I want to win the Wonder Glow Blocks for my daughter because she just loves stacking up her toys and I know that playing with them gives her brain a good work out.

  22. says

    When I was a child, a friend of my parents gave those kind of toys, and it helped my imagination in building what ever I want. I have been looking for such toys but then again, it is “expensive”, and now I hope (crossing my fingers) that I will win the wonder glow blocks for my daughter so that she could experience the same joy I had when I was her age…

  23. Lovely Joy Merced says

    I want to win this for my sons because they love building houses and buildings out of blocks. And Im pretty sure they will be happy if I won this for them because its glow in the dark :)

  24. Istin Dizon Paigna says

    I want to win the Wonder Glow Blocks because not only its educational but also eco-friendly. I know my children will enjoy playing with those colorful blocks and create amazing figures,

  25. Aine G. says

    My little girl loves toys and I know that Wonder Glow Blocks will help stimulate her mind during her developmental stage.

  26. says

    I want to win these blocks because my kids are fascinated by them. They love tinkering with wooden toys and I love it because they enhance a child’s creativity and imagination.

  27. Cheng says

    would love to win Wonder Glow Blocks for our 2 kiddos (10mos and 2yo) to encourage their imagination while enhancing their gross and fine motor skills! :)

  28. Ana Jane Bitor says

    I want to win the Wonder Glow Blocks for my baby because I am a fond lover of simplistic yet fully educational toys. I love things that has back to basic approach, which this toy totally adheres on. No fancy electronic effect, yet a real brain booster for kids. Wooden toys never fail to amaze me and I want my son to inherit it. This can also be a means to have a very good bonding with kids, playing with them with our very own Wonder Glow Blocks. :)

  29. Rousiey says

    I want to win the Wonder Glow Blocks not for my child (because I don’t have a family of my own yet) but for my nephew. My nephew is 2 years old and I think this toy would be a wonderful for him since he is now starting to be curious about a lot of things and also, I noticed that he likes to stack his toys and other things that he can find around our home. Since I’m always away from home, because of school, he just always play alone. Aside from his books (coloring and number) he doesn’t have any other educational toys. I really hope that he would have other educational toys…

  30. Natalie Miranda says

    I would want to win because my 9 month old daughter is very curios nowadays, and I know that this is a very educational and classic and can last tru the years.

  31. Kathy Chua says

    My girls (2 1/2 and 2 weeks old) will have a blast playing with these wooden toys!

  32. says

    My son is just 3 months old and is showing great interest in toys. It would be perfect for us to win the Wonder Glow blocks because 1) I’ve decided to use all things organic/eco-friendly when it comes to my baby; 2) I know it’ll still be safe for my child even if he puts it in his mouth because of the natural materials it’s made of; 3) I’m for manufacturers who not only create products for profit but also socially and environmentally educate their consumers of their advocacy; and 4) I want my child to explore his imagination through these wooden blocks instead of being hooked on video games that seemingly sap a child’s innate creativity and rob them of their childhood. :)
    Normi recently posted..Three weeks afterMy Profile

  33. Jen says

    I always love educational, and not to mention eco-friendly, toys that will stimulate my son’s imagination. Also, he will love this glow in the dark blocks now that we’re teaching him that being in the dark should not make him feel sad or anxious.. I wish i could this one.

  34. mikael says

    made of eco-friendly and sustainable wood + develops creativity and imagination = great toy
    what’s not to love? my son would love playing with this!

  35. says

    My son collects wooden blocks and builds an entire empire from his imagination. I’d love to see his face glow when he learns that his mom got his a new set of blocks to play with 😀

  36. christine batiller says

    i’d love to win this because my son loves to play with blocks and it would be very fascinating for him to see the blocks glow in the dark.

  37. shallane says

    I’d love to win the Wonder Glow Blocks because it’s a great toy to further enhance my daughter’s curiosity, creativity and imagination.

  38. Lala says

    Why do you want to win the Wonder Glow Blocks for your child?

    I want to win it for my son because I like to provide him educational toys and for him to feel the joy of playing blocks rather than spending his time playing on my iPad. When I was a kid, I grew up playing with wooden blocks. This wonder glow blocks is so much better (and cuter!) because of the colorful schemes and kiddie designs that will attract my 2 year old son. And of course, develop his fine motor skills which is essential in his age.

  39. says

    Hi Martine! :) I’d love to win the Wonder Glow Blocks for Lyndel because it’s a great toy to encourage his creativity and imagination. He is at a stage where everything appeals to his curiosity. He loves building things and at the same time get a kick out of watching his creations tumbling down when he swipes them out! And also, we love Wonderworld as it’s eco-friendly and truly educational! :)

  40. Camille Jane Maglonzo says

    I want my child to win this because it’s educational, fun and it stimulates my child’s brain.It will enhance her imagination, creativity and makes her to become more smarter .=)

  41. says

    my kids never outgrew playing with their educational toys. I’d love to win Wonder Glow Blocks for I know it will enhance their creativity and imagination. it’s a toy that they can always share with their younger cousins :)

  42. Agnes dc says

    I would love to win Wonder Glow Blocks for my daughter. She isthe type of kid who is very imaginative, when she goes to bed at night i see her telling stories to her dolls, building things out of her stuff in her little corner, And when she wakes up , she has all this brand new stories from her dreams. I always listen to her knowing most of the stories are from last nights. A set of glow blocks would be so nice for her, she can add it to her stuff for night stories. :)

  43. says

    My 4-year-old son’s godparents gifted my son with educational stuff such as books and blocks when he was still a year old. He’s been very fond of these blocks ever since and would play with them always to build and create whatever he would think of. These wooden block toys would be a great addition to his set of building blocks that will further enhance his creativity and imagination. :)
    Trish recently posted..Love in the Eyes of a ChildMy Profile

  44. says

    i’d love to win those blocks for my toddler as it is now a perfect toy for him as his imagination is at work + his curiosity is at its peak! educational wooden toys are always good in my book 😉