In the course of Dainty Mom taking a new turn down the road, I’ve had a chance to look back at a lot of my past posts.

(“Past posts.” Say that ten times straight—now.)

I digress.

What I found was quite interesting. In the last year or so, I’ve run dozens of contests and giveaways, as well as a handful of reviews and sponsored posts. The remainder of my posts (and my favorite ones) are pieces on motherhood or marriage, a number of guest posts from real moms, and of course, working from home.

To be honest, I’ve stopped worrying about stats. I used to look at them obsessively, until I reached a point that I simply stopped, well, caring. In fact, I even removed my stat counter because I simply didn’t like how it cluttered up my design. However, because this is a platform where I promote my freelance writing services, I still need to look at my traffic and hits at least once a month. Each time I do, I see which posts are more popular than others, which ones get the most views or comments.

And the numbers a glaringly clear about what’s truly popular on my blog, and what people are truly come back to read time and time again.

What people are reading on this blog

On my blog, the most popular posts in terms of page views are the following:

I am actually happy that these are among the top ranking posts on my blog. These are actually some of my favorite posts. Whew!

(This also means I should be doing more of these kinds of posts!)

The next would be a string of contest and giveaway posts. It’s a given that when I post a contest, there will be an influx of hits. On my blog’s anniversary month, for instance, I was giving away stuff here and there and everywhere. A couple of weeks ago, I held a contest for a major organizing solutions company, which. Within minutes after posting, I usually have about four or five comments already waiting to be approved. It’s now the fourth highest-ranking post I’ve ever written.

Last would be the product posts and reviews. I get about three or four comments, on average, for such posts. I don’t really mind; these kinds of posts aren’t my forte, unless I’m writing about something that truly excites me — and let me tell you, only a handful of things actually do.

Interestingly, the blog entries with the most engagement (in terms of comments and emails to me) are the following:

These posts have compelled women to email me about blogging, about raising a toddler and breastfeeding, about how to start working from home, how to manage a household, among others. They’ve elicited conversation, and they’ve spurred connections between me and other moms out there. They also took the least effort to write because the words just flowed from me.

In short, they are among my most heartfelt posts.

What’s my point?

Writing from the heart

People like reading about what you’re passionate about. It is whenever I write a personal and poignant piece (such as this or this), that I get the most engaging readers, the most meaningful comments.

I enjoy writing about products, giveaways, and contest, actually. The thing is, I know that I don’t want to write about them all the time. That’s not what this blog is supposed to be about.  While I like running contests and I do enjoy certain product reviews (only about those products I truly enjoyed or liked), these are not the things that excite me.

And my readers can tell. **smile**

Don’t get me wrong: I am all about growing my blog… but not at the expense of giving up the opportunity for this to be a space for me to be beautifully free, unboxed and all-around — as this blog is. As you can plainly see, the posts that have brought in the most meaningful engagements for this blog have been about blogging, working from home, and being a mom.

Thank God.

And so, I’ll keep on writing about these things. I’ll be blogging about working from home, covering the stories of other moms and women bloggers, and mulling over this amazing journey called motherhood. There’s nothing that gives me more satisfaction. After all, isn’t contentment what finding your bliss is all about?


How about you? Are you blogging about the things you truly love?