So, I just bought a new travel coat the other day. I had to wait for the shops to bring in their fall/autumn lines, which didn’t happen until last week. (I managed to snag this pretty coat at Mango for a good price.) I managed to snag a few other items, stuff I’d never think of buying on a regular day. But then, it’s been a while since I’ve traveled out of the country, and to a country with a cool climate.

I’m just about packed, ready for my week-long trip to Tuscany. Yes, it’s finally pushing through, hence, this coat, the sweaters and the other cool weather basics I had to shop for this past week. I realize that it’s been five years since I last went abroad to cooler climates, so I had absolutely zero items to choose from. Anything I had packed away belonged to another body type, that of a single, pre-pregnancy, size 6-er. (I’m a 10 now, and proud of it).

And while I’m ready wardrobe-wise, I’m still a bit worried about leaving. Not about the plane ride, or being miles away from home. I’m anxious about leaving my husband and son behind for seven whole days! In the last five years of our marriage, I’ve been away from my husband once, and only for 24 hours. As for my son, I’ve never left him for more than half a day, and when I do, I miss him incredibly.

It’ll be the first time I’m travelling with totally new people, whom I have never met before. It will also be my first time in a new country, having never been to Italy. (France and Germany have been checked off my list, though.) I suppose it will be strange and wonderful at the same time, being alone, yet being surrounded by new acquaintances and seeing things I’d only jotted down in my years-old bucket list.

I’m looking forward to the “me” time, of course. I expect I will be homesick the whole time, but I will also be extremely grateful for this blessing. After all, how many free trips to Europe does one get in their lifetime?!

I promise to take loads of photos, and tell you all about my adventures.