Welcome to another Mom-Bliss Interview! Here, I feature awesome readers of this blog, who are motivated moms from around the globe! From business owners to bloggers, this feature is meant to inspire you to create your own bliss, a life that works for you. I’m SO excited about my special guest today, because she has been such an encouraging, motivating voice for me as a blogger-freelancer.

It all started with a free phone call last year, wherein I was able to talk to her a vocalize my dreams for myself, as a wife, mother and blogger. Through tweets and emails, we were able to connect and form an online friendship through social media. She’s a big reason why I kept on pursuing the work at home lifestyle, and why I started to consult mentors and coaches this past year, which have all helped me get my blog and business to where it is now. So please welcome Leah Jantzen, life & leadership coach and owner of LeahJantzen.com

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your life as a mother.

I am a happily married mother of 4!  My daughter Phoebe is 9, my son Luke is 4, my son Charlie is 2 ½ and my daughter Audrey is 7 months.  I am so blessed to have these wonderful little people in my life.

I began my career as a Guidance Counselor for high school and middle school students.  I have two Masters Degrees, once in School Counseling and the other in Educational Leadership.  I loved working with students, parents and teachers and enjoyed this work for 12 years before becoming a Life and Business Coach.

I am an avid tennis player and love to compete locally in tournaments.  It fuels my competitive spirit and keeps me in shape!

Please tell us the story behind your blog/business.

I decided to start my business so I could spend more time at home with my children.  I had a rewarding job in school but I felt it was most important to be home to be with my kids while they were babies and toddlers. I became a Life and Business Coach because I wanted to help other women create and design a life on their terms.  I thought if I could do it; so could they!

I have no business training, no experience in marketing or promotion, and have never owned my own business.  I taught myself what I needed to know in order to make money for my family and keep me working from home.

Anyone who is looking to start a new business or take their business to a higher level would benefit from my services.  I have the unique ability to see all aspects of a business and know how to target areas of deficiency as well as play up areas of strength.  I have used the mistakes and missteps I have made in my business to help other women by teaching them how to avoid these same mistakes and therefore shorten the learning curve towards success.

We love to know how other moms manage their busy days! Tell us: What is a typical day is like for you as a mother/blogger/business owner?

Well everyday is different yet very similar as well!  The mornings are all about the kids.  Nursing the baby, getting breakfast ready and putting my oldest on the bus.  I have my in-laws come by two day a week to watch the kids while I am on my coaching calls.  Unfortunately it’s only a few hours a week so I am very strategic about how I use that time.  99% of it is for coaching calls that I have with my private clients.  During naptime I catch up on social media and try and keep the house in order (well I did say “try”).

At night I focus on writing and client out-reach as well as creating new products, hosting tele-classes and catching up with friends and family.  There is never enough time in the day to implement everything I want to create for my business.  But having 4 kids, 3 of whom are under the age of 4, has its daily challenges that I made sure I was a part of—the impetus behind creating my business in the first place.

In a few words (or even a sentence), define what you believe is “mom bliss.”

“Mom bliss” to me is a balanced day of mothering, working my business and spending quality downtime with my husband at the end of the day.

What advice would you give to a new mom entrepreneur, based on your own experiences?

My advice is always this:  Take it one day at a time, one step at a time, forgive yourself and celebrate yourself, and most importantly don’t sweat the small stuff—its just stuff.  I have stopped apologizing for who I am not (a great cook, a crafty mom, a neat freak) and started celebrating who I am (a fun mom, a successful businesswoman and an athlete) and since then I have learned to love myself more and enjoy the journey with newfound pleasure.

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