Welcome to another Mom-Bliss Interview! Here, I feature awesome readers of this blog, who are motivated moms from around the globe! From business owners to bloggers, this feature is meant to inspire you to create your own bliss, a life that works for you.

Today, my guest is the wonderful Prerna Malik, a seasoned work-at-home mom — and one of the people online who have personally taken the time to mentor me and give me advice on blogging and working from home. She’s been hugely supportive of me as a newbie online entrepreneur, and has even featured me on her blog, The Mom Writes, which is filled with work-at-home tips for smart moms.

She’s editor of The Mom Writes and co-owner of Social Media Direct, but first and foremost Prerna is a mom, wife, and home manager. Author of How to be a Work-at-Home Mom and creator of the FREE Social Media Starter Toolkit, she is passionate about helping work-at-home moms and entrepreneurs create a smart WAHM lifestyle while growing their businesses.

Let’s take a peek into her WAHMderful world.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your life as a mother.

Well, my life as a mother is centered around my 4-year old daughter, Manini with whom I love to bake, read and play. As for me, I’m a coffee drinking, laptop-loving entrepreneur and wife to a hugely supportive husband.

Please tell us the story behind your blog/business.

My business and my blog were born pretty much along with my baby. I switched to a work-at-home lifestyle once my daughter came along. The Mom Writes was born out of my desire to share my life, my learning and my loves as a mom, and it has evolved into a space where I now share smart solutions for work-at-home moms, like myself.

My other business, Social Media Direct, was born out of The Mom Writes’ success. Businesses started approaching me to work with them on their blogs and social media accounts and when things started growing, my husband came on board and we launched Social Media Direct.

What kind of moms or women would benefit from your blog/business?

Moms who work out of home would find tons of useful tips and information as well as eBooks to walk them through setting up a successful WAHM lifestyle over at The Mom Writes.

Moms and women with businesses who wish for more visibility online or social media success would benefit from the affordable yet effective web content and social media marketing solutions we offer at Social Media Direct.

We love to know how other moms manage their busy days! What is a typical day is like for you as a mother/blogger/business owner?

My day starts early, at 4:30 A.M. I shower, dress, pray and make myself a cup of coffee. I work till 7:30 when I wake up my daughter, dress her, give her breakfast and go to leave her at school. Then, I work from 9:30 till 11:30 which is when we need to go pick her up. Once she’s back, we have our lunch as a family and then, put her down for her nap and this is my last ‘work’ shift as well. Evenings are for her- craft, tennis, studies, reading as well as house work, socializing, reading and running errands.

I love the fact that I’m never working while my daughter is around. I may have a meeting every once in a while but as far as possible, we try and schedule things in a way that one of us is always with her while she is up and at home.

In a few words (or even a sentence), define what you believe is “mom bliss.”

Mom bliss, for me, is my life right now. Period.

What advice would you give to a new mom entrepreneur, based on your own experiences?

Learn from those who’ve walked the path before you but have the courage and conviction to carve out your own identity. Also, always, keep your family first. Working on your business is important but not at the cost of missing out on family time. Most importantly, realize that being a mom entrepreneur is tough but it is also, extremely satisfying and fulfilling.

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