I want to have another baby soon. Yes, there, I said it!

To tell you the truth, I’ve been thinking about having another baby for quite a while now. Of course, my husband and I have talked about giving Vito a little brother or sister, but not right away. Well, it seems like — for me — two years and ten months since my firstborn is the threshold: I’m in I-wanna-get-preggy-mode again. I’ve been looking through baby sites and pregnancy planners again, going back to my old journal entries about my preggy days, and dropping hints to my OB-Gyne about it, too.

That said, I know I need to plan for this. During my first pregnancy, I was kind of the geek when it came to eating, sleeping, and keeping myself in tip-top shape for that nine month stretch. I followed my diet plan carefully, which included doctor’s orders to gain about ten pounds in addition to the recommended 20-25 pounds I’d gain throughout the next 9 months. You see, I was (gulp!) underweight when I got pregnant… as show in this pic below.

This is me in the 5th month. I had caught up with my healthy weight requirements by then. I wish I were still this thin today! Haha!

In order to catch up with my weight requirements, I ate good-for-me foods and drank good-for-me drinks, too. One of those was Anmum. Pre-pregnancy, I was familiar with drinking milk supplements, mainly because in my teens and early twenties, I had the same difficulties with weight gain. Milk supplements helped me a lot in terms of optimal weight gain, so I knew they’d work for me during my pregnancy — and Anmum did. Added to that, its rich folate content also gave me the assurance that it would be good for my growing baby.

Photo shoot on my 7th month. Through an informed diet, regular exercise and a generally happy routine of “me” time, I kept my healthy weight until the 38th week and 5th day, when I finally gave birth.

Looking these photos makes me miss pregnancy! I had a happy one, and while I know that every pregnancy is different, I believe I can look forward to another happy pregnancy. (Note: I’m NOT pregnant yet as of this writing!) I’m praying that the next one will be just as memorable.

As I work towards planning for baby number 2, I know I need to catch up on my medical check-ups, get back into the groove of a healthy diet and exercise regimen, and prepare myself emotionally for the ride that’s to come. I know I can’t do it alone. That’s why I’m grateful I’ll have this blog to help chart my progress, and at the same time, share my ups and down about being a new mom all over again.

It’s rather reassuring to know that — aside from my friends and family — I’ll also have companions in social media to chat with, Tweet with and Instagram with (of course), as I plan to get pregnant. And now, thanks to Anmum, there’s a new online community that I can tap for all my thoughts and questions on getting pregnant again: The Anmum Mommy Circle on Facebook 

I invite you to join the Anmum Mommy Circle on Facebook, the newest hub for you to share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences. Get the latest info on pregnancy health from AMC’s in-house experts, be informed about pregnancy workshop schedules, and the lowdown on anything and everything about pregnancy. Won’t you join me, “LIKE” the Anmum Mommy Circle on Facebook, and connect with other moms, just like us?

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