It’s been quite a long day, for a Monday. If that sounds odd, then it’s because I actually quite enjoy Mondays — my Mondays, anyway. They’re when I do the groceries, because hardly anyone is ever in the grocery store at 10AM on a Monday morning. They’re also kind of a de-stress day for me, with Sunday being such a packed day, full of family events.

This week, I’ll be quite busy with my WAHMderful Life Workshop. Things are already moving in good time, and the Manila Workshops team and I are super-psyched for this one-of-a-kind event, just for moms. Forty-five lucky ladies — and yes, one gentleman who happens to be the only dad in attendance — will get to experience an awesome day of talks, sessions, conversations and insights about the growing movement that is the “location-independent” lifestyle.

In other news, I’ve had a real busy day today because Vito suddenly fell ill. And on the week of the workshop, too! So, for this evening, I’ve been by his side, making sure his temperature doesn’t shoot up too high, because he’s the type that’s prone to febrile seizures. I’ve had to put some projects on hold so I can attend to my little boy, and put his needs first. It just breaks my heart whenever he gets sick, as I’m sure you moms can all understand.

Everything will just have to go on hold while I attend to my son. Please do say a prayer for him.

And, because I’m busy this week: I’ll be taking a break for a while from the blog. Apart from making sure my son is well taken care of, I need to devote time to the workshop this weekend. I do hope you’ll look around at some of my favorite posts:

Get to know me a bit better by reading some of my past entries. I have been blogging for a couple of years now, and some of my most-read entries are those that have helped me reflect and learn from my twists and turns in this work at home life…. 

See you soon, ladies!